Polish contemporary art comes to Beijing

2015-05-28 11:00:24

An exhibition on Polish contemporary art is underway at the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) in Beijing and will run until June 22.

Wang Huangsheng unveils first UK solo exhibition

2015-05-27 15:36:50

Famous Chinese artist Wang Huangsheng has come to London for the official opening of his first London solo exhibition, which is being held at the October Gallery in central London until June 20, 2015.

Photographer captures Great Wall at night

2015-05-28 07:05:00

China Photographers Association member Li Zongxian completed the series, The Great Wall in the Night, over a period of more than two years. The series has been exhibited in the 9th session of the Chinese Photographic Art Festival Exhibition.

Van Gogh to brighten up Beijing from August

2015-05-27 15:02:45

Those who can’t make it to Van Gogh Alive, currently being staged in Shanghai, have another chance to experience the multimedia show in Beijing from August.

Renovated Sichuan Art Museum opens to public

2015-05-26 10:53:35

The inauguration ceremony of the renovated Sichuan Art Museum was held in Chengdu on May 23.

Xinjiang's people and culture inspire Lin Feng to paint

2015-05-26 07:57:31

For the past 50 years, Chinese ink artist Lin Feng has lived in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. The people and culture of the area has had a major impact on him.

Veteran ink painter still learning at 80

2015-05-26 07:52:23

Cui Zhenkuan is still seeking change and innovation at the age of 80. With a career spanning more than six decades, the painter has committed himself to pushing the boundaries of ink art.

Photographer captures Chinese on the train

2015-05-22 07:05:00

Chinese on the Train is one of the representative works of China Photographers' Association member Wang Fuchun. Wang, who used to be a railway worker, photographed people on the train over a period of more than 30 years from 1978 to 2014. He traveled all around China by train and shot tens of thousands of pictures on the way.

82-year-old woman’s artworks go on display

2015-05-20 14:33:54

An exhibition titled Elegance: Comfortable and Self-complacent is displaying 59 paintings by 82-year-old woman artist Su Hua-xin, celebrating her decades of devotion to ink-and-water art.

China's museums increase rapidly

2015-05-19 09:18:42

China has opened an average of 200 new museums per year over the past decade, said senior cultural heritage officials on Monday.

Art exhibition 'Wisdom of Confucius' held in Lithuania

2015-05-19 09:16:41

A delegation from Shandong of China held an art exhibition 'Wisdom of Confucius' here on Monday.

Painter has first solo show on mainland

2015-05-15 08:29:19

Celebrated as a best-selling writer, TV anchor, journalist, lecturer, educator and philanthropist, Liu Yung's multiple talents mean he is less mentioned as a professional artist.