These graffiti disappeared from cities

2015-01-28 07:00:00

As business develops and land values become higher, there is less and less urban canvas for graffiti lovers to paint their wall drawings.

Recalling Xi's big welcome for artists

2015-01-27 10:10:22

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the China National Peking Opera Company, retired Peking Opera actress Liu Xiurong gave a speech at the ceremony, which was held at Meilanfang Grand Theater in Beijing recently.

Celebrating visual power of Baoshi

2015-01-27 09:46:15

Though his late works reflect the "serving the people, serving politics" requirement for art after 1949, Fu Baoshi (1904-1965) retained a highly personal style.

Spot the fake?

2015-01-27 07:30:45

The exhibition, Made in China: A Doug Fishbone Project, opens on Feb 10 and replaces a priceless painting with a commissioned replica from China. Visitors and art experts are invited to try to spot the fake, which will be unveiled by the gallery after three months.

2015 Chinese Photography Expo debuts in Johannesburg

2015-01-26 14:37:42

Initiated and sponsored by the Sino-South African Arts and Culture Association, 2015 Chinese Photography Expo debuted on Jan 17 at the African Museum in Johannesburg, the capital of South Africa.

Artful graffiti destroyed; public safety cited

2015-01-26 07:44:46

The destruction of drawings on the walls of an abandoned community in Shanghai that had become popular with residents brought an angry reaction.

Exhibition highlighted four-dimensional works

2015-01-25 16:00:16

An exhibition at Qinghua University's art academy offered a glimpse into the four-dimensional cosmos of three Chinese artists.

China highlights at the LA Art Show 2015

2015-01-23 14:23:05

The 20th session of the LA Art Show was held in the South Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) from Jan 14 to 18.

Street art sold in Hong Kong auction

2015-01-23 14:13:25

Mysterious French street artist Invader's art made an auction debut in Hong Kong, with his work in tribute to kung fu fetching 1.96 million HK dollars ($251,000) at a recent sale.

A bit of Paris

2015-01-23 07:00:00

Feel Paris is an exhibition that showcases the attitude of five young French artists,whose works vary from abstraction to surrealism.

Art of making brushes at risk

2015-01-22 11:10:14

Youngsters unwilling to learn ancient skills needed to produce the traditional pens used in calligraphy.

Ten famous paintings of sheep

2015-01-21 16:37:17

As the Year of the Sheep, also called the Year of the Goat, is around the corner, why not appreciate 10 amazing paintings of sheep and goats at home and abroad?