Beijing now on global music map with Rubinstein contest

2016-03-30 10:15:14

With some 30 million kids in China playing the piano and many world famous keyboard stars such as Lang Lang, Li Yundi and Yuja Wang, the country is rightly considered a big player in the piano world.

Dancing to a Cuban beat in the shadow of the Great Wall

2016-03-30 09:52:53

It's a warm spring Monday afternoon at the foot of Badaling section of the Great Wall on the outskirts of Beijing when Cuban dance company raises the temperature with a performance fusing ballet, flamenco, cha-cha, salsa and rumba.

Beijing biennale to show artworks on Silk Road

2016-03-29 10:06:04

The Beijing International Art Biennale will return to the National Art Museum of China in September 2017, with the seventh exhibition themed "Silk Road and the world's civilizations".

Treats from city of canals

2016-03-29 09:54:29

The last of a five-year series of Italian art shows in Beijing has begun, bringing Venice into focus.

Show creates possibility of career options for locals

2016-03-29 08:55:13

The tree covered in metal sheets is part of an art installation titled Armour by Finnish artist Antti Laitinen.

Pink fish makes a splash in ancient town

2016-03-29 08:04:56

After his giant Yellow Duck debuted in Hong Kong three years ago, Florentijn Hofman has made a giant pink Floating Fish for Wuzhen, an ancient water town in Zhejiang province.

Water town dreams of being art hub

2016-03-29 07:44:47

Wuzhen International Contemporary Art Exhibition has on display about 130 works from 40 influential artists.

Tailor-made clay dolls presented at studio in Changchun

2016-03-28 09:45:19

36-year-old Liu Yuanyuan started up her business of tailor-made clay dolls. She created some 20 job opportunities for women as the business thrived in the past three years.

Giant pink 'Floating Fish' displayed in East China

2016-03-28 09:38:53

A giant pink "Floating Fish" on the water theatre in Wuzhen, east China's Zhejiang Province. The pink "Floating Fish" is a piece of works designed by Florentijn Hofman.

Beijing museum's popular Italian art show

2016-03-25 16:36:51

Venice and Venetian School, an exhibition of Italian art covering the period between mid-15th century and 18th century, is now on at the National Museum of China.

Art Basel opens in Hong Kong

2016-03-25 11:17:55

A visitor watches a painting by French impressionists Paul Gauguin at the Art Basel in Hong Kong, South China, March 24, 2016. A total of 239 galleries from 35 countries and regions attended the 3-day Art Basel in Hong Kong this year.

Exhibition of Venetian School painting work opens in Beijing

2016-03-25 10:57:10

A visitor walks past a corridor displaying painting works of Venetian School at an exhibition in Beijing, capital of China, March 24, 2016.