Ancient words blossom into modern art

2013-01-07 13:51:34

In China, the idea that one's character can be judged by the quality of his or her writing is more than an adage.

Wings of aspiration

2013-01-07 10:15:11

Artist Xu Bing's massive phoenixes take flight in the US, giving exhibition-goers a complex sense of China's rise.Help me out of the closet

India by train through music

2013-01-06 15:29:35

Indian choreographer Shruti Merchant directed the Australian musical Merchants of Bollywood while it was on a world tour for two years in 2005, but was never convinced that it represented her home country.

Tap dancing without sound saves the day

2013-01-06 13:55:01

The day of Riverdance's opening performance in Beijing dawned in disappointment: the big-heeled ones that make mighty sounds of joy - were snowbound in Shandong province.

Time is money

2013-01-06 09:56:04

Vintage clothing is becoming fashionable and stores are sprouting like mushrooms, but that doesn't mean the market doesn't have its problems.Hand-delivered individuality

RLife LIVE at at Renaissance Beijing Chaoyang Hotel

2012-11-26 17:19:05

Recently, Renaissance Beijing Chaoyang Hotel encouraged guests to get out of their rooms and discover the musical “RLIfe LIVE” event brought by the famous musical talent, Nancy J. Brown, in their R Lounge.

Chiling Lin on U+ Weekly

2013-01-05 15:53:12

Chiling Lin poses for photos of U+ Weekly magazine.

Beautiful China: Smooth as silk

2013-01-05 10:20:57

A video production on Chinese silk, Beautiful China, started airing on Times Square's China screen on Dec 20, and will be shown on rotation for the next two months in the heart of New York

Designs for a beautiful life

2013-01-04 14:10:09

Curiosity and a box of toys led Argentine industrial designer Francisco Gomez Paz to carve out a career matching both form and function.

Art beat: Guangzhou

2013-01-04 13:34:53

Qu Wanting is ready to showcase her musical talent to Guangzhou on Jan 6.

Art beat: Shanghai

2013-01-04 11:10:34

Four young international artists use various media to express their perspectives on the urban jungle.

Art beat: Beijing

2013-01-04 11:08:58

The Xinjiang Song and Dance Ensemble will present the Beautiful Xinjiang gala.