Oil paintings of flowers and birds exhibited in New York

2014-12-03 16:16:24

Traditionally, Chinese artists have used ink painting to express the beauty of flowers and birds, but artist Huang Yue has carried that tradition on with a western style of oil painting.

Art and politics

2014-12-04 07:00:00

They were created to convey the government's message of the day, but propaganda posters were often also remarkable works of art.

Emperor Qianlong's hand scroll auctioned at record high

2014-12-03 14:01:57

A set of hand scrolls, White Dagoba Hill, written by Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty sold for 116 million yuan ($18.9 million), with commission included at a Poly's Autumn Auction on Dec 2.

Art marks Sino-Bulgarian ties

2014-12-03 10:52:53

An exchange exhibition between China and Bulgaria is underway at West Lake Museum in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province until Dec 9.

High price arts collector Liu Yiqian's purchases

2014-12-02 14:09:55

Let us review the art pieces that Chinese collector Liu Yiqian has purchased for over 100 million yuan.

Mona Lisa, a portrait of Da Vinci's Chinese mother?

2014-12-02 14:01:07

Leonardo da Vinci's mother may have been a Chinese, according to new research by a Hong Kong-based Italian historian and novelist.

Rethinking Rodin

2014-12-02 07:13:58

French sculptor Auguste Rodin, a legend in European art history, now has his largest exhibition ever in China.

Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival

2014-12-01 13:38:52

An adaptation of the famous Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival, an ancient 25-meter Chinese painting, went viral on the Internet soon after it was displayed at an international photographic exhibition in Guangdong's Guangzhou city.

Dunhuang culture on display in Hong Kong

2014-12-01 11:24:02

The exhibitionDunhuang - Untold Tales, Untold Richeswas unveiled on Nov 28.

Preview of Poly's autumn auction in Beijing

2014-12-01 11:14:56

Visitors gaze at silk embroidery items at the preview of Poly's autumn auction in Beijing, Nov 28, 2014.

Society's factory

2014-12-01 07:00:00

The Shanghai Biennale has divided the media and art lovers, with the former decrying the lack of spectacle, but the latter embracing the nuanced depictions of the modern world.

Images: Graffiti across China's streets

2014-11-28 07:00:53

Graffiti is becoming increasingly popular in China and can be seen on many streets. Here we present a variety of graffiti from across China's streets.