Shanghai hosts Korean art show

2015-10-27 11:09:05

South Korean artist Hwang Young-sung's solo exhibition in Shanghai is about his latest Poetry — Family Story series.

'Photo Beijing 2015' showcases world's best photography

2015-10-27 10:50:57

Visitors view photographs during "Photo Beijing 2015" at the China Millennium Monument in Beijing, Oct 25, 2015.

Printmaker's art captures tragedy of war victims

2015-10-27 08:41:05

When Chinese author Lu Xun (1881-1936) first saw Kaethe Kollwitz's prints he received from a friend, he was caught up by her realistic ideas, strict standards of art and excellent printmaking skills.

Art fete showcases close bonds with Mongolia

2015-10-27 07:38:18

In his lithography works of the late 1980s, Su Xinping, 55, focused on the life of the Mongolian ethnic group, particularly on the mentality of people living in the grasslands.

Exhibitions you need to see at 'Photo Beijing 2015'

2015-10-26 14:10:48

On Saturday, "Photo Beijing 2015" launched its opening day at the China Millennium Monument in Beijing.

Works of a modern ink master

2015-10-26 13:53:57

French-Chinese artist T'ang Haywen (1927-91) was famous for exploring the full potential of Chinese ink art during his decadeslong residence in Paris since 1948.

Rock craving on show

2015-10-26 13:42:57

Huian, located in East China's Fujian province, boasts a long-standing history of stone carving that dates back to 1,600 years ago.

Auction to put focus on growth of Chinese oil painting

2015-10-27 03:36:55

The evolution of Chinese oil painting in the 20th century will be marked at a Beijing auction in November.

Artist's works portray rare Silk Road sites

2015-10-23 15:20:05

Artist Li Qing has spent a lot of time exploring mysterious sites on the Silk Road and putting the magnificent landscapes onto rice paper with ink and water.

'Hidden' ethnic arts come to fore at Beijing festival

2015-10-23 08:15:15

Traditional cultural activities of different ethnic groups in China, including the Yi people's celebrations when they chase field pests with torches, the khoomei singing among the Mongolians and antiphonal chanting of the Miao people, are all part of the ongoing Fourth China Ethnic Groups Arts Festival.

Television production celebrates Great Sage

2015-10-22 09:39:03

The 90-minute documentary Confucius provides an objective overview of the life, ideology and influence of the Chinese philosopher.

Well-remembered French classic make a big splash in China

2015-10-22 07:22:26

The Little Prince, one of the most translated novellas, attracts a Chinese audience that seems to approve of the adventurous screen adaptation.