Reiner Kallhard presents 'balance of contradiction' through art in Beijing

2015-10-15 13:47:31

An exhibition featuring German artist Reiner Kallhardt's work will kick off at the Visual Art Center of the Academy of Arts & Design at Tsinghua University in Beijing on Saturday.

Full steam ahead for exhibitions marking Palace Museum's 90th anniversary

2015-10-14 11:02:10

Oct 10 marked the 90th anniversary of the Beijing Palace Museum's founding. Besides opening four new sections to tourists this month - mainly the Cining Gong, the Cining Gong garden and the Shoukang Gong - the museum is holding a series of exhibitions of rarely-seen national treasures for the special occasion.

Painting: A bright spot in the night

2015-10-13 08:44:35

Viewed as a leading artist of his generation, Jia Aili's works often feature a pessimistic palette and a dark vision that he, however, interprets as the meaning of hope. Beijing-based Jia, 36, conveyed the same message, but in vibrant colors this time, in support of the Special Olympics, which are organized to better the life of people with mental disabilities.

Porcelain works glow in Nanchang museum

2015-10-13 08:44:35

While the exhibits at Nanchang Porcelain Painting Museum in suburban Nanchang in East China's Jiangxi province may impress each visitor with their elegance, they are also likely to evoke childhood memories among many visitors, especially the elderly.

Traditional art form gets new lease of life

2015-10-13 11:26:37

It's around 8 pm. The streets are quiet. For most of Heze, a city in East China's Shandong province, which is known as the main center for the cultivation of the national flower peony, it is the end of another day.

The art of celebrity

2015-10-13 07:35:03

E-commerce tycoon Jack Ma shook the nerve of China's art world after his oil painting Paradise sold at Sotheby's for $5.4 million in Hong Kong.

Painting on fallen leaves

2015-10-12 15:08:17

Self-taught Polish artist Joanna Wirażka, 16, created magnificent images using fallen autumn leaves as her canvas.

Gabarron's Alhambra sculptures speak loud about cultural integration in Beijing

2015-10-10 16:37:38

In lively colors of green, blue, orange and red, six sculptures of Alhambra Towers by celebrated Spanish artist Cristobal Gabarron are on exhibit in the open square of Beijing's Today Art Museum.

Creative mom paints on napkins to make sons' lunch fun

2015-10-09 11:19:59

Nina Levys started creating napkin art for her sons, Archer and Ansel, in 2006. The talented mother continues to challenge herself by drawing intricate artworks on her sons' lunch napkins.

Consort Chunhui's portrait by Italian painter breaks record at auction

2015-10-09 11:02:20

A Large Imperial Portrait of Consort Chunhui from Qing Dynasty was sold at $HK 137.4 million, highest record for a Chinese imperial tailoring portrait.

Chinese artists draw on 40 years of ties

2015-10-03 08:09:07

Thailand through the Dragon's Brushes, an exhibition of the works of 11 leading Chinese artists, opened in Bangkok on Friday as part of celebrations to mark the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Thailand.

Breath of fresh air in art displays

2015-09-30 09:02:21

At the live-art exhibition, artists and artist groups from different cultural backgrounds present artwork through performances in the 15 rooms. It drew much attention when debuting as 11 Rooms at the Manchester International Festival in 2011. It has invited one more artist to participate each year, and 14 Rooms was staged at Art Basel last year.