Chinese photos explore urbanization in German show

2015-09-09 16:07:03

Works in Progress, an exhibition at the Museum Folkwang in German city Essen, reviews the latest development of Chinese photography. It displays brand-new works of 24 contemporary Chinese artists and photographers.

Show features close-up look at Ming chairs

2015-09-09 16:00:29

A new Beijing exhibition offers a close look at several-hundred-year-old Ming Dynasty furniture and its reincarnations today.

Chinese art show: A brush with humanity

2015-09-09 15:52:00

Ink and calligraphy brush are where the tradition of Chinese art started and develops.

Bringing the background forward

2015-09-08 08:10:38

A Beijing artist known for camouflaging himself in various scenes as social commentary is tackling the United Nation's Global Goals.

Christie's gallery presents photo show on women

2015-09-08 08:05:56

Icons and Beauties, an ongoing photo exhibition at Christie's Shanghai gallery, takes viewers on a journey through the lens of time.

Man in the mirror

2015-09-08 08:00:22

Olivier Picasso, a grandson of the late master, brings an insightful photo show to China.

Daily life & installations

2015-09-07 14:08:02

Paradigm of Art, an exhibition now at Germany's Osthaus Museum Hagen, talks about how Chinese artists challenge the mainstream aesthetic values with a display of contemporary sculptures and installations.

Germany holds Chinese art show

2015-09-07 13:58:24

The Vocabulary of the Visible World displays paintings by 10 artists, who are widely recognized as representatives of Chinese contemporary art, such as Ding Yi, Yan Peiming and Zhang Xiaogang.

Images of Milan in Beijing

2015-09-07 13:50:23

Architect-turned-photographer Roberto Goffi was born in Turin, and he has captured both the vigor and serenity of Milan in an exhibition titled, Explore Milan: 100 Shoots from the Expo City and Its Surroundings.

Actor's talent for painting highlights show

2015-09-07 13:41:51

Actor Zhao Dan (1915-80) was noted for playing the lead in many acclaimed movies, including Street Angel, Crossroads and Lin Zexu. But few know that he was also a skillful painter.

Meet the man who creates and reshapes the country's cityscapes

2015-09-04 08:40:34

City planning isn't easy. It usually takes years.

Veil lifted on works of wonder

2015-09-02 07:41:59

For far from being just another exhibition taking shape, what lies before our eyes are the most outstanding specimens of Chinese fine arts history imaginable.