Potters need creativity to flourish

2015-08-14 08:53:35

Jessie Lee believes China's long history of ceramics is both a cause for celebration and a curse for the country's contemporary artists.

China, Holland linked for centuries by ceramics trade

2015-08-14 08:53:35

During Susanne Silvertant's first trip to China in 2014, the 54-year-old Dutch ceramic artist made a set of porcelain vessels with the help of a Chinese monk.

Finding our commonalities in clay

2015-08-14 08:53:35

My travels in China have had an enormous influence on my work as a Dutch ceramics artist.

A fresh look of calligraphy

2015-08-14 16:01:42

The 11th National Calligraphy and Seal Carving, now at the National Art Museum of China, traces the aesthetic transformation of Chinese calligraphy over the decade.

Regional artists show their outlook on life

2015-08-12 13:57:15

Parkview Green Art Taipei's first exhibition, titled Spiritual Field, teams up artists from the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and South Korea, who communicate different approaches to life and art.

580 years later, imperfect porcelain arrives at Forbidden City

2015-08-12 09:31:47

Some 160 pieces of porcelain deemed not good enough for China's royal court and shattered 580 years ago have finally made their way to the Forbidden City.

Arts fest celebrates heritage of the Silk Road

2015-08-11 16:40:13

The Second Silk Road International Arts Festival will be held in Xi‘an, capital of West China’s Shaanxi province, from Sept 7 to 21.

Show brings out painting's 'inner power'

2015-08-11 10:48:28

Painting is an exhibition which, its curator and artist Geng Jianyi hopes, will enable viewers to feel the inner power of painting. On show are canvases, ink paintings, drawings and watercolors by four painters including Dong Dayuan, Duan Jianwei, Wang Yongliang and Yu Huijian.

Zou Liang's personal struggle is theme of his new show

2015-08-11 09:43:06

In the past year, Zou Liang's failed attempts to deal with his social life and art creation left the sculptor troubled.

Proud inheritors

2015-08-11 08:13:02

A show of Polish culture in Beijing speaks to the connection between the past and present.

Virtual Van Gogh

2015-08-11 07:51:32

A global 'experience' show will debut in Beijing next year, unveiling the master's life and works for art lovers who can't travel to Amsterdam to view his original pieces.

Museum on hairdressing set to open its doors in Beijing

2015-08-07 13:39:23

A museum dedicated to hairdressing, the first in Beijing, is set to open in late August on Jiu Gulou Waidajie in the capital.