Taipei Palace Museum's visitor numbers set a new high

2015-02-26 11:12:43

The Taipei Palace Museum has seen over 5.4 million visitors, roughly 900,000 more than the number in 2013, the museum's latest statistics revealed.

Caught in the web

2015-02-24 07:46:47

E-shopping, a form of electronic commerce that allows people to directly buy goods or services online from a seller using a web browser or an APP on smartphones, has created a brand-new modern lifestyle.

Bringring affordable art to new generation

2015-02-24 07:46:29

Tom Pattinson is a big fan of art and adventure. The British national combines both his passions by nurturing a platform that showcases affordable art by artists in China.

Through negatives, Frenchman brings 80s and 90s China back to life

2015-02-24 07:46:29

Women in dresses pose by refrigerators, tourists on the beach stand with the sun setting behind them and children hug a statue of Ronald McDonald.

Americans amazed by Chinese art at Lunar New Year exhibition in New York

2015-02-19 11:03:50

The Fantastic Art China's public art exhibition, which opened here Tuesday at Lincoln Center, has amazed the American visitors with artwork from six renowned Chinese artists and a creative bazaar.

Art lovers propel auction leaders' growth

2015-02-17 07:29:24

Art collectors in China helped drive the growth of leading global auction houses last year through an active presence at domestic and foreign auctions and via online sales.

Met museum to focus on China

2015-02-17 11:12:40

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York will be celebrating centuries of China's influence on the West in its new China-themed exhibit, which focuses on how Western fashion designers were inspired by the country and incorporated elements of its art into fashion pieces.

Porcelain activist

2015-02-17 07:46:13

Liu Jianhua is trying to break down the cliches associated with the delicate material to make it reflect social problems, Lin Qi reports.

Canadian landscape art graces Beijing

2015-02-15 22:49:19

A Canadian contemporary art exhibition, The Transformation of Canadian Landscape Art: Inside & Outside of Being, will be on display through March 8 at Today Art Museum in Beijing.

'Memories of China Photo Exhibition' held in Toronto

2015-02-15 09:55:16

The "Happy Chinese New Year - Memories of the People's Republic of China Photo Exhibition" was held at University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada, on Feb. 13, 2015.

Palace Museum launches app on collections

2015-02-13 15:19:45

Beijing's Palace Museum, otherwise known as the Forbidden City, launched its iPhone app on Thursday, showcasing its antiques collection.

Art Institute of Chicago launches Chinese audio guides

2015-02-13 14:49:16

The Art Institute of Chicago announced Tuesday that it would launch Mandarin-Chinese audio guides to help tourists navigate the Institute.