Kung Fu Panda in Beijing staged in New York City

2013-06-28 10:03:19

The show Kung Fu Panda in Beijing is staged at Grand Central Station in New York City, US on June 27, 2013 to promote tourism in the Chinese capital.

HK exhibit to show a different Bruce Lee

2013-06-28 09:59:01

A large exhibit dedicated to kung fu master Bruce Lee will open at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum on July 20, the 40th anniversary of Lee's death.

Photo exhibition on Tibetan culture kicks off in NY

2013-06-27 15:16:38

People visit a photographic exhibition on the culture and language of Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region.

Harbin Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe perform in NE China

2013-06-27 10:35:29

Dancers from Harbin Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe perform in a show in Harbin, capital of Northeast China's Heilongjiang province, June 26, 2013.

Chinese painting and calligraphy exhibition in Bahrain

2013-06-26 14:56:10

An art exhibition at the international autodrome of Bahrain hosted by the China International Culture Communication Center featured more than 70 works from over 30 renowned contemporary artists.

'Tibet Impression' photos to exhibited in NY

2013-06-26 10:33:48

A cultural exhibition of photography titled "Tibet Impression" is expected to be held to show present Tibet and its development in New York.

Subway art exhibition a movable feast

2013-06-26 10:11:37

Residents in the Chinese capital who are too busy to spend time enjoying the arts will be able to immerse themselves in an inspiring art exhibition while riding the subway.

Bearer of Tibetan carpet in Qinghai

2013-06-26 09:55:06

Fifty-one year old Yang Yongliang is an inheritor of the Jiaya Tibetan carpet, a state-level intangible cultural heritage, in Jiaya village, Huangzhong county, Northwest China's Qinghai province.

Reduced red tape the ticket for artists

2013-06-25 17:45:00

Overseas artists will soon find it easier to strut their stuff on stage in China.

Artist Xiao Jiahong exhibites paintings in Hong Kong

2013-06-25 16:16:24

A gallery show exhibition of the paintings created by artist Xiao Jiahong opened in Hong Kong on Monday.

Curtain rises on performance market in China

2013-06-25 06:56:34

Report reveals industry grew 60% last year

Famed artist's paintings exhibited in Beijing

2013-06-24 15:05:51

A total of 40 paintings and calligraphic works created by artist Bai Bohua were exhibited on a gallery in Beijing.