Photograph portraying Chinese fishermen wins top prize

2015-11-04 11:00:45

A photograph portraying Chinese fishermen basking in the mist on a river near Lishui, taken by Vladimir Proshin was awarded the top prize of Siena International Photography Awards.

Van Gogh and his 11 sunflower paintings

2015-11-03 13:08:03

The recent hit Japanese film Sunflowers of Inferno is based on seven sunflower paintings created by Vincent van Gogh.

For dali fans

2015-11-03 08:51:36

Dozens of works by the Spanish master will be shown in Shanghai this week. The pieces, insured for more than 400 million yuan, include the oil painting Napoleon's Nose. Deng Zhangyu reports.

Auctions see reviving interest in classical art

2015-11-03 08:02:36

Famed painter and scholar Dong Qichang's landscape, titled Thatched Cottage amid Sparse Forest, will go under the hammer at China Guardian Auctions' autumn sales on Nov 15.

Matter of space

2015-11-03 07:50:35

A group of contemporary Indian artists is in Beijing to show works on urbanization.

Oil painting master Luo Erchun, 85, dies in house fire

2015-11-02 14:35:08

Chinese oil painting artist Luo Erchun, acclaimed as "a master of colors in contemporary Chinese oil painting" and known as the "Oriental Van Gogh", died in a fire at his home in Beijing on Thursday.

Art installations brighten Shanghai subway

2015-11-02 09:45:06

An art exhibition, "One-double 11th", is ongoing at the Shanghai subway, with dozens of brightly-colored art installations on display.

Art exhibition takes viewers on journey to discover beauty

2015-10-30 15:02:41

An exhibition at Beijing's Soka Art Center lets three artists share their understanding of beauty.

Intimate Transgressions: More than just pain

2015-10-29 06:05:50

A multimedia exhibition highlighting war crimes, genocide and rape has opened in Beijing’s 798 district where 35 artworks from more than 10 countries are on display, creating a thought provoking display.

Show tracing Chinese oil painting opens in Nanjing

2015-10-29 13:57:32

The Temperature of History displays more than 200 figurative oil paintings that as a whole trace the development of oil painting in China.

Works of ink masters to be auctioned

2015-10-29 13:48:19

Several high-quality and rarely seen paintings by ink masters will go under the hammer in a Beijing sale in November.

Artists celebrate traditions in embroidery

2015-10-28 07:54:50

Not the traditional way Gan Xiaozhi does, with a loom, and hand pick to straighten silk and woolen threads, and then spinning out patterns that tell stories of the Miao ethnic group that doesn't have a written language.