National museum's new centerpiece

2015-11-30 14:32:23

Birth of New China, a large Chinese ink painting, was recently added to the collection of National Museum of China and will be on permanent display at the museum in Beijing.

Chinese literary great's handwriting estimated at 800,000 yuan

2015-11-30 11:38:48

A piece of handwriting by Chinese great literary figure Lu Xun is going to be sold at Beijing Council's autumn auction on Friday, with an estimated price of 800,000 yuan ($125,096).

Trees in Shanghai 'wear' sweaters for the winter

2015-11-27 13:44:13

Four plane trees on Nanchang Road in Shanghai became famous overnight with the colorful sweaters they "wear", Nov 25, 2015.

College student paints creative travelogue

2015-11-27 13:18:32

A university sophomore created a special travelogue about Taihangshan Mountain through a series of paintings overlaid with iPhone photos that convey her experience.

Artist emerges from seclusion after abstract exploration

2015-11-26 16:59:03

Snowfall in Beijing brought a chilly draft to the capital, while also adding fun and beauty to the bleak winter. Artist Xu Dongdong was even more excited as the snow is a perfect material for his painting.

Painting exhibition celebrates Tibetan culture

2015-11-27 05:18:59

Blue Sky and Pure Land is a painting exhibition celebrating the diversity and evolution of Tibetan cultural traditions.

Avant-garde artists eye urban life

2015-11-26 15:39:27

Held inside Beijing's Solana shopping area, Antigravity is an avant-garde art show attempting to reverse people's perspectives of city life.

Exquisite turkeys in Chinese paintings

2015-11-26 08:59:46

Here are some paintings depicting turkeys by Chinese artists. Let's enjoy turkey in a whole other way.

British Museum puts exhibits online with Google Street View, including Admonitions Scroll

2015-11-25 14:04:42

Fans of the British Museum are now able to avoid the crowds to enjoy some 5,000 high-resolution images of the museum’s collection online thanks to the Street View technology.

Ukraine sculptors set up workshop in China

2015-11-25 13:14:02

The National Artists Union of Ukraine set up its first workshop in Fotang ancient town of China's Yiwu city recently, which is a collaboration between the National Artists Union of Ukraine and the local tourism bureau.

French artist depicts the cosmos

2015-11-24 17:33:11

Inspired by astronomy, French artist Simon Rulquin takes his viewers on a shuttle through the universe through his art.

French artist's sculptures inspire reflections on modern life

2015-11-24 14:44:28

A French artist's sculptures at a Beijing art gallery inspire reflections on human relationships with nature and modern society.