Essential historical document of Diaoyu Islands appears at auction

2014-11-27 15:24:04

The Map of Ryukyuan Kingdom, a picture from the book Illustrated Outline of the Three Countries written by Hayashi Shihei in 1785, will be for sale at the 2014 autumn auction of China Bookstore from Nov 28 to 29.

Chinese collector buys royal Thangka for $45m

2014-11-27 11:07:35

Chinese private art collector Liu Yiqian has bought a highly important imperial embroidered silk Thangka for 348 million HK dollars (nearly $45 million) at Christie's 2014 Hong Kong Autumn Auctions on Wednesday.

Photo masters featured in museum show

2014-11-26 06:53:15

Journey of the Heart and Straight Photography is a show that offers a rare glimpse into the development of world photography from 1839 to 2014.

Rosewood wonders attract collectors

2014-11-25 07:41:41

A Beijing auction will showcase huanghuali, a prized hardwood with a rich history in ancient Chinese furniture, Deng Zhangyu reports.

Red sorghum portrayed by different painters

2014-11-25 07:00:00

Red sorghum not only often appears in literary works or films, but also is depicted by many artists.

China's contemporary porcelain dazzle in Britain

2014-11-21 00:36:12

A pop-up contemporary Chinese porcelain exhibition was held at the Clore Education Centre of The British Museum from November 18-19, showcasing 27 works by 18 artists.

Finding a way to abstract art

2014-11-20 07:00:35

The artistic exploration of abstractionism is rough and painful, but one that the Chinese-French artist Jiang Dahai never regretted.

Beijing auction to feature Einstein's handwriting

2014-11-19 13:53:00

The photo taken on November 17, 2014 shows a manuscript of Albert Einstein's famous equation E=mc2 on display at the scene of the China Guardian 2014 Autumn Auctions in Beijing.

Shandong artists create oil paintings for Red Sorghum

2014-11-19 10:56:52

The TV serial Red Sorghum hit China's screens recently and won much popularity among the Chinese people. Two artists, Wang Jian and Yin Luwen from Shandong province, specially painted four oil paintings for the show.

US artist renovates old house into fairy tale cottage

2014-11-18 10:10:50

The fairy-tale cottage transformed by American artist Kat O'Sullivan and her partner in High Falls, New York.

Epic artistry

2014-11-18 07:33:19

Eight years after his first solo show in Beijing, Russian sculptor Dashi Namdakov has returned to the city with art pieces that focus on mythology and history.

Diaspora display

2014-11-18 07:33:19

A museum relates tales of Chinese emigrants, China Daily reports.