World's first yak museum opens in Lhasa

2014-05-19 13:54:28

Having been domesticated for thousands of years on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the yak is the most important animal to Tibetan families, since it is a source of meat, milk, fiber and fuel for fires.

CCTV host holds art exhibition

2014-05-19 11:31:58

Zhu Jun, 50, a host with China's Central Television (CCTV), has surprised the public with his artistic talent by holding an art exhibition, Beijing Youth Daily reported.

Retrospective of Taiwan artist

2014-05-19 10:41:07

The display of 135 oil paintings, watercolors and drawings donated by the artist's family and collectors demonstrates Chen's distinctive style.

Tradition mission, redefined

2014-05-18 12:57:55

"Advance through retreat" is a military strategy first proposed by Sun Tze in his Art of War in the 6th century BC.

Painting a portrait of Sino-French friendship

2014-05-18 11:57:21

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his French counterpart Francois Hollande have written a preface for a French painting exhibition held at Beijing's National Museum of China.

Vibrant works challenge traditional notions of paintings

2014-05-16 07:15:41

Many people believe that Chinese paintings prioritize lines but give inadequate emphasis on color. That's unfortunately a misconception silk painter Mu Yilin has been rectifying with his resplendent works.

Etruscan exhibition tours China

2014-05-16 09:28:25

An exhibition jointly organized by Chinese and Italian museums is touring the Middle Kingdom to introduce visitors to the Etruscans.

Billionaires rush to buy at Art Basel HK

2014-05-16 09:21:49

Billionaires beckon for $10,000passports and works by emerging painters at Art Basel Hong Kong.

Bob Dylan makes New York art gallery debut

2014-05-16 07:16:22

Legendary musician Bob Dylan has made his New York art gallery debut with an exhibition of 40 drawings, limited editions and paintings on sale for $2,500 to $400,000 each.

‘Happy Moments’ sculpture exhibition held in HK

2014-05-16 08:07:41

People look at sculptures at "Happy Moments" sculpture exhibition in Hong Kong, south China, May 15, 2014. The art exhibition of Korean sculptor Kim Gyung-Min would open from May 15 to June 2.

'Doisneau's Renault' photo exhibition kicks off in Beijing

2014-05-15 10:06:07

Visitors look at pictures by French photographer Robert Doisneau at a photo exhibition in Beijing, capital of China, May 14, 2014.

Cloisonne enamel meets watch demand

2014-05-15 09:20:57

In a village in Huoxian town, a one-hour drive from downtown Beijing, there is an unremarkable looking warehouse.