Artists following in their fathers' footsteps

2014-10-14 07:29:02

More than 100 paintings by Qi Baishi, Xu Beihong, Pan Tianshou, Li Kuchan, Li Keran, Wu Zuguang, Xu Linlu and Pierre-Auguste Renoir were assembled to display at Beijing Exhibition Center which ended on Sunday. For the first time, descendants of these master painters gathered at the same site to talk about how their families' art legacies have been passed down.

10th China Int'l Gallery Expo kicks off

2014-10-11 17:39:58

The 10th China International Gallery Exposition opened on Thursday night and will be held in Beijing from Oct 10 -13.

Oil paintings from 12th National Exhibition of Fines Arts

2014-10-10 11:30:19

Oil paintings from the 12th National Exhibition of Fines Arts are currently exhibited at the Zhejiang Art Museum in Hangzhou of Zhejiang province from Sept 20 to Oct 12, and around 600 pieces of artwork are on display.

A fresh, hip vision of Beijing life

2014-10-10 07:25:14

As you wake up to a smoggy morning in Beijing, you can almost predict your day: the traffic jam, prolonged office hours and the 7 pm family dinner that is almost a luxury these days.

17th Beijing Int'l Art Fair displays fine arts from the world

2014-10-09 15:25:40

Visitors enjoy artwork at the 17th Beijing International Art Fair at the Agricultural Exhibition Center in Beijing, Oct 8, 2014.

Lost relic from Yuanmingyuan bids high at Sotheby's sale

2014-10-09 11:17:01

A lost cultural relic from China's Yuanmingyuan Imperial Garden was auctioned and sold for over 74 million yuan at a Sotheby's autumn sale in Hong Kong on October 8.

Newly opened museum in Russia showcases 3D art

2014-10-08 14:44:43

Visitors look at art installations at the Museum of Optical Illusions in St. Petersburg, Russia, October 7, 2014. The newly opened museum showcases 3D art installations.

Artistic cow sculptures decorate Shanghai

2014-10-08 11:06:01

The world famous Cow Parade public art event came to Shanghai in September and will last until the middle of 2015.

Manchester hosts Britain's largest ever Chinese contemporary art event

2014-10-04 14:36:35

Britain's largest ever exhibition of contemporary art from China has opened in Manchester as part of Asia Triennial 2014, showcasing some of the foremost contemporary visual art from Asia.

Where the past is a lesson for the future

2014-10-02 07:33:51

"Lower your leg, please," Wang Yumei gently said before helping her student Liang Xiaoju adjust her leg on a bar in a spacious room in the Chengdu School of Culture and Art in the western suburbs of the capital of Sichuan province.

Stage star helps raise style to new level

2014-10-02 07:33:51

Chen Qiaoru, the 47-year-old winner of the Plum Blossom Prize, China's top drama performance award, has been devoted to the Sichuan Opera for 35 years.

Sichuan Opera discovers the world's a stage

2014-10-02 07:33:51

Traditional art form with a history dating back centuries hits a high note again as its appeal is going global in a dramatic revival, with audiences around the world discovering its uniqueness.