Living among lions takes pride of place

2013-09-25 10:00:13

When Chen Jianxing stops his vehicle about five meters away from the lioness Lisa, she comes close, rubbing her body against his car to scratch itchy places.

Christie's to launch debut auction in Shanghai

2013-09-24 16:46:56

Christie's debut auction on Thursday night in Shanghai will sell only 42 works, but the auction highlights its long-term strategy on the Chinese mainland.

Musicians impress New Yorkers with 'China Story'

2013-09-24 11:22:02

Chinese composer Ye Xiaogang joined hands with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to present a rare musical gala featuring China's culture in New York.

Ballet masters take dance to village girls

2013-09-24 06:41:35

Every weekend over the past few months, Guan Yu and his wife Zhang Ping have been busy helping their 18 ballet students, all girls from Duancun village, rehearse the Dance of the Four Little Swans.

Art injection

2013-09-24 06:41:35

A group of students in rural Anxin county were handpicked in February to take part in arts lessons. They are now preparing to stage a performance.

2013 Beijing Fashion art show kicks off

2013-09-24 09:32:32

The 2013 Beijing Fashion art show kick off in Beijing on September 23, 2013.

798 Art Festival kicks off in Beijing

2013-09-23 09:24:24

2013 798 Art Festival kicked off on Saturday at the 798 Art Zone in Beijing, featuring nearly 100 art events.

Framing contemporary Asian art

2013-09-22 07:58:42

Long Museum wants to draw public attention to Asia's contemporary art with its first international exhibition.

Majestic freehand, love of nature

2013-09-22 07:54:24

Over the long history of Chinese painting, bird-and-flower painting has always been one of three main subjects along with landscapes and figures.

Classic style given modern flair

2013-09-22 07:54:24

One of the most notable painters in China, Guo Shifu is a master in freehand bird-and-flower painting.

Hangzhou Triennial of Fiber Art opens

2013-09-22 09:45:22

Opened Saturday at Zhejiang Art Museum and China National Silk Museum, the 1st Hangzhou Triennial of Fiber Art displays 186 pieces of works from 45 artists.

Beijing's rabbit god returns

2013-09-19 07:48:08

In a small courtyard in eastern Beijing's Tongzhou district, Hu Pengfei guides several craftsmen in his workshop as they paint colors onto clay sculptures of the rabbit god, a traditional Beijing folk icon. This is a typical scene at the Lucky Rabbit Workshop every year before Mid-Autumn Festival. With a rabbit's head and a human's body, the rabbit god is local to the Chinese capital. It was a traditional folk custom logo of the festival in old Beijing.