A 30-meter feast

2012-12-21 11:17:01

Tianjin artist Li Jin's recent solo show

New generation art

2012-12-21 10:50:19

The exhibition Fusion and Transcendence showcases works by art teachers and students as well as professional painters.

Loud again after 7 years

2012-12-21 10:10:47

Rebel band Black Panther is back for a fresh encounter with fans.

Mandarin Cats heading to Beijing

2012-12-21 09:56:14

Cats, an award-winning musical by British composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, will soon captivate Beijing audience with a Chinese version.

Peripheral vision

2012-12-21 09:41:05

The word haya in Haya Ensemble means 'the edge' in the Mongolian language, but the musicians tell Mu Qian they hope more people in the center will get to know them.

Stellar cast shines, but play needs a little adventure

2012-12-21 09:40:30

The National Center for the Performing Arts' latest production, Returning Home on a Snowy Night, is a wartime romance set in the 1940s.

Peripheral vision

2012-12-21 09:27:29

The word haya in Haya Ensemble means 'the edge' in the Mongolian language, but the musicians say they hope more people will get to know them.

Moma art fest

2012-12-20 13:40:56

The Moma Back Mountain Arts Festival has kicked off at the Modern Moma.

'Losers' can flatter themselves in any culture

2012-12-19 10:52:24

Like other languages, Mandarin has a long evolutionary history during which it takes on new words. In the past year or so, diaosi, a Chinese Internet term, arrived on the scene.

Play, your own way

2012-12-19 10:07:50

Want a toy or replica that can't be found on the store shelf? That's no problem for a generation of Do-It-Yourself wizards.

Video games enter home of Van Gogh, Dali

2012-12-18 10:22:54

This spring, Van Gogh's The Starry Night and Dali's Persistence of Memory will be getting some new electronic roommates.

Juan Ripolles' artworks displayed in Nanjing

2012-12-17 17:26:27

Juan Ripolles' artworks displayed in Nanjing. A total of 86 artworks of Juan Ripolles were displayed at the exhibition, which kicked off on Tuesday.

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