Calm down with Zhou Jie

2015-09-18 16:19:04

Chinese artist Zhou Jie's ongoing exhibition Thread shows 14 of his latest oil paintings that are dominated by black and white colors.

Qi Baishi's grass and insect paintings on display in Beijing

2015-09-18 14:09:57

The exhibition Just Silence —The Grass and Insects World of Qi Baishi is underway at the Art Museum of Beijing Fine Art Academy. It features the biggest collection of the grass and insect artworks of the maestro.

Nomads get wider canvas

2015-09-18 07:42:44

Oil painter Liu Xiaodong's latest works focus on people migrating to Ordos. Deng Zhangyu reports.

17th-Century Hong Kong furniture at auction

2015-09-17 14:23:14

Seventeenth-Century Chinese furniture is among highlights at Christie's auction house in New York right now. It's come to market thanks to the sale of a private Hong Kong collection. Asian Art Week is also offering rare Chinese ceramics.

Sculpture and paintings in perfect harmony

2015-09-16 14:41:38

"The Masters of Shapes and Colors", an exhibition in Beijing combining Chinese paintings and French sculpture, is the first co-exhibit between the two artists and marks a cultural exchange between the countries.

Photo exhibition charts decades of changes in China

2015-09-16 11:26:49

A photo exhibition tracing decades of China's development is on display at the Shanghai Center of Photography. Grain to Pixel: A Story of Photography in China features signature camera works by 70 artists and documents dramatic changes in the country.

Japanese artist scales down Beijing in paper-cuts

2015-09-15 13:10:07

Japanese architect Naoki Terada came to Beijing to collect materials for his project, '1/100 Terada Mokei'. The project will include 100 city scenes demonstrated via miniature paper-cuts of objects that are one percent the size of the originals.

More exhibitions open for Palace Museum's 90th-Anniversary commemoration

2015-09-15 14:24:06

Beijing's Palace Museum - located in the Forbidden City - is bringing out the best of its treasures for 90th-Anniversary commemorations. Among the highlights are the Stone Moat collection, comprising ancient China's renowned painters and calligraphers.

Multimedia art show Van Gogh Alive arrives in Beijing

2015-09-15 07:44:46

The 30-minute presentation that fuses color with light and music shows how the master evolved through his short-lived yet remarkable career.

Classic Chinese folk dramas face extinction

2015-09-14 16:20:35

Folk dramas, a traditional form of Chinese culture, are fighting for survival in the modern age. According to cultural authorities, traditional drama genres have fallen to 286 from 368 in 1959, the equivalent of three dying out annually.

Palace Museum crowds wait six hours to see ancient scroll

2015-09-14 07:33:27

The appearance of a rare artistic treasure in Beijing over the weekend resulted in crowds waiting in line for six hours at the Forbidden City.

Ten treasures from Palace Museum to look forward to

2015-09-11 07:53:35

The Palace Museum in Beijing will celebrate its 90th anniversary next month, and a batch of rare treasures will meet public eye in this rare viewing.