Abstract ideas

Updated: 2014-08-06 17:15


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Lelege Art Space's current exhibition tells six stories about Chinese artists' engagement with abstract art. Changing: Abstracts in China looks into how artists such as Tan Ping, Liang Quan and Wang Guangle interpret and build their individual vocabularies of abstract art based on their experiences. The exhibition doesn't aim to make people understand or persuade them to like abstract art. Instead it encourages people to broaden their outlook toward possibilities in art.

10 am-5 pm, closed on Mondays, until Aug 20. Lelege Art Space, Room B-03 of Grand floor store of Yuanyang New Express Building, Dong Sanhuan Bei Lu (Road), Chao-yang district, Beijing. 010-8446-6434.

Abstract ideas

A work by Tan Ping, oil on canvas, 60x70cm, 1993. Photos provided to China Daily

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