When tea is a dish

2012-07-21 07:58:55

The idea of combining tea with food may be tempting but it is precisely its special characteristics that make it so hard to succeed.

Late-life binge drinking may risk cognitive decline

2012-07-20 14:13:52

Moderate to heavy alcohol use in late-life may increase risk of cognitive decline.

Vitamin E may lower liver cancer risk: study

2012-07-20 10:14:16

High consumption of vitamin E either from diet or vitamin supplements may lower the risk of liver cancer.

Video games aid stroke patients in rehabilitation

2012-07-20 10:12:02

Video games are an effective rehabilitation tool for stroke patients, an Australian neurophysiologist said on Thursday.

New tablet to prevent heart attack, stroke

2012-07-20 10:05:07

British researchers invented a polypill that could give people aged 50 and over an average of 11 years of life without a heart attack or stroke.

Elderly man first victim of West Nile virus in Greece

2012-07-20 10:00:23

A Greek elderly man died from encephalitis after his infection with the West Nile virus in Athens.

Scientists find new way to prevent AIDS

2012-07-20 09:31:22

A drug typically used to treat AIDS-triggered lung infections possibly provides a new method for the control and elimination of HIV.

Ludhiyani Tash Macchli

2012-07-20 09:22:45

Recipe for Ludhiyani Tash Macchli.

Punjabi Lobster

2012-07-19 15:42:10

Recipe for Punjabi Lobster. Source: chinadaily.com.cn

Food recall after listeria claims two lives in NZ

2012-07-19 14:18:14

New Zealand food safety authorities began recalling packages of ready-to-eat meat after an outbreak of listeria.

HIV infections, mortalities drop steadily

2012-07-19 08:39:06

Globally, the number of people newly infected with HIV as well as HIV/AIDS related deaths has been declining steadily over the past decade.

FDA approves new drug for weight management

2012-07-19 08:38:06

The US Food and Drug Administration approved a new drug as an addition to a reduced-calorie diet and exercise for chronic weight management.