Art in a cup

2012-03-12 09:33:11

Yeung Yiu-fai of Hong Kong won the Coffee Fest New York Art Championships in NY on March 11, 2012.

Mapo tofu - Chen Mapo's tofu

2012-03-09 16:28:40

Mapo tofu (stir-fried tofu in hot sauce) was created by the wife of a small restaurant owner named Chen Senfu in Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

Barley, celery root and mushroom salad with scallion vinaigrette

2012-03-07 17:30:07

Recipe for barley, celery root and mushroom salad with scallion vinaigrette.

Pork tenderloin with shallots and prunes

2012-03-07 17:29:47

Recipe for pork terderloin with shallots and prunes.

Why Sichuan cuisine is 'hot'

2012-03-07 16:02:08

Sichuan's damp air and overcast skies help explain this mountain-locked province's famed mind-blowing spicy cuisine.

Barista reveals secret recipe for success

2012-03-07 10:57:55

Barista Gu Yuanren has developed a "secret coffee recipe" that he says consistently wins applause.

China joins coffee club

2012-03-07 10:57:31

The drink was labeled a 'capitalist product' and shunned from the 1950s to the 1970s, but it is now more popular than ever. Gan Tian reports in Beijing.

Ruby Awards rate reds and whites

2012-03-06 13:33:02

Representatives from embassies, media and the wine industry recently attended the Ruby Award ceremony, organized by Wine in China magazine to name the top 100 wines in the Chinese market in the past year.

Yunnan stakes its claim to best duck

2012-03-04 17:06:43

Peking roast duck may be the country's most famous duck dish, but people from Yunnan province always say the best ducks come from Yiliang county in the province.

Here's some spice for your life

2012-03-04 17:06:39

Newly opened Indian restaurant Khajuraho at Sanlitun SOHO does a fairly good job of adapting to Chinese tastes.

Instant gratification

2012-03-04 16:59:46

Only have time for a quick meal? It can still be nutritious and easy to cook. Pauline D. Loh takes three ingredients and a packet of instant noodles for a quick fix.

Surf 'n' turf

2012-03-04 16:51:42

L Cafe of Legendale Hotel Beijing has launched a seafood buffet highlighting Boston lobster, New Zealand oyster, Australian crab, South American prawns, all original and fresh.