Buying guide to some Yunnan mushrooms

2012-05-14 09:31:32

This needs little introduction, although many will wonder where truffles grow in Yunnan.

Magic mushrooms

2012-05-12 07:56:00

The perfume of mushrooms intensifies when they are dried. Every chef worth his truffles knows that, and in Yunnan, the bouquet of aromas from the exotic fungi is enough to bring tears of joy to the eyes of the said chef.

A migrants' cuisine migrates

2012-05-05 07:53:50

Hakka fare stands out among Chinese food - virtually no other cuisine prepares chicken in hot-fried salt or stuffs pork into tofu.

Barossa's chameleon Shiraz

2012-05-07 15:15:38

Six generations of grape growers and winemakers have established the Barossa as Australia's leading region in crafting wines of great distinction with consistently outstanding vintages for the past 150 years.

Traditional dried noodles in Sichuan province

2012-05-07 14:24:10

Zhongjiang dried noodle, purely handmade, can be traced back to ancient China's Song Dynasty (960-1297). It is well known in China as it is as thin as hair and tastes as tender as bean curd.

Lazy lunch with friends

2012-05-07 11:24:25

An event brought me to this small eatery on Gough Street, just north of Hollywood Road (NoHo - north of Hollywood).

Sheep, cattle ... pigs

2012-05-06 07:44:42

Australia is known as a country with almost as many sheep as there are people. It is also increasingly well-known for its quality Wagyu beef.

Hotel listings: Beyond Mom's expectation

2012-05-03 17:49:30

Enjoy Sunday Champagne Brunch and a cooking academy with Moms and she will receive a pot of fresh lavender.

Moutai tops China's liquor brand list

2012-05-02 11:40:57

The following are the top 10 Chinese liquor brands in 2011.


2012-04-28 10:51:52

Celebrate CHAR's first birthday with Sunday lunch this Sunday. Start with a shared entree including king prawns, crab, razor clams, octopus, fresh French oysters, tapas and seasonal salads.

New gastronomic experience

2012-04-28 10:51:09

The Steak House at Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai has launched a new menu including new cuts of meat, value added dishes and seasonal fresh ingredients.

Lean meat powder concern reflects slack supervision

2012-04-28 09:55:22

Kitchens of the training centers for top athletes seem to be the most important places under strict lockdown. The control is tight to keep raw food items contaminated with clenbuterol away.