Korean Culture and Food Festival debuts

2012-07-08 16:36:25

Renaissance Beijing Chaoyang Hotel will present “the Beauty of Korean Style 2012”, a Korean Culture & Food Festival in July and August.

Southern celebrity

2012-07-07 07:52:02

Two white stone lions guard the entrance, and red ribbons tied around their necks announce that the restaurant is officially ready for visitors, finally.

Take a break on Chang'an Avenue

2012-07-07 07:52:02

It is a prestigious neighborhood full of movers and shakers. On the right is Tian'anmen, where the portrait of the nation's founding father gazes down on tourist hordes come to pay homage.

IHG Beijing holds 'Cuisine for Charity 2012'

2012-07-06 13:30:55

The 8th IHG Annual Charity Cooking Competition was held at Crowne Plaza Beijing Parkview Wuzhou on June 26.

Chocolate convention held in Lima

2012-07-06 10:06:32

Chocolate convention featuring chocolate products is held in Lima on July 5, 2012.

A Bite of China

2012-06-20 10:32:46

A Bite of China, a seven-episode documentary series, stirred up a crest of culinary interest including millions of blog entries and an increase in sales of regional snacks and traditional foods.

Boom in online food sales

2012-06-18 10:16:00

The recent seven-episode documentary series A Bite of China stirred up a wave of culinary curiosity about buying snacks online. Many in the audience were impressed by the series and rushed to Taobao to search for the food featured after each episode ended.

Say cheese, in Chinese or Dutch, please

2012-07-02 10:37:59

Cheese, glorious cheese. Some people love it and can't imagine life without it, while others are perfectly happy living their cheese-free lives.

Program improves nutrition of students

2012-07-02 10:36:22

Rural schools get new dining rooms and good kitchens.

Taiwan offers easy brews for mainlanders

2012-07-02 10:34:43

Drinking Taiwan tea has become a "culture" in the Chinese mainland, according to Lin Chien-chung, general manager of Chuan-Shang Tea.

Her dumplings are filled with pride

2012-07-02 10:32:04

Wu Huaxia arrived at Du Yi Chu Shaomai Restaurant confident about her skills in making shaomai, but her master told her to sweep the floor instead.

Selling tea to China

2012-07-02 10:09:40

The country's appetite for its 'national beverage' is big enough for all comers, even those from abroad.