Pasta with mushrooms and gremolata

2012-10-07 17:45:19

This savory pasta is just one idea for gremolata, a pungent mixture of garlic, lemon zest and parsley.It’s terrific with the sautéed mushrooms.

Making a western style mooncake

2012-10-07 17:30:49

Making a western style mooncake.

Eat like a local: Yangzhou

2012-09-29 12:42:55

Yangzhou is less famous among tourists than its neighbor Suzhou, but the food is more interesting as it represents Huaiyang cuisine.

Eat like a local: Beijing

2012-09-29 12:42:49

Some of China's most popular tourist destinations are also well-known for their treasured food traditions. Beijing and Xi'an, for example, both have strong Muslim communities with great lamb and beef dishes in their cuisines.

Eat like a local: Sichuan

2012-09-29 12:43:13

Many Chinese people consider Chengdu and Chong¬qing the gourmet capitals of China. Many believe eating spicy food there will not give you any problem, because the cities are humid.

Eat like a local: Xi'an

2012-09-29 12:43:08

Xi'an, the province's capital city, has a 2,000-year-old cuisine, older than all other major Chinese cuisines combined.

Eat like a local: Yunnan

2012-09-29 12:43:03

One of China's most popular tourist destinations, Yunnan is famous for pu'er tea, herbs and mushrooms.

Eat like a local: Suzhou

2012-09-29 12:42:59

After visiting the city's beautiful gardens, try Song He Lou (mansion of the pine and crane) at Guanqian Jie. It is a restaurant with a long history, established in 1757.

Food safety standard set to be on menu next year

2012-10-03 17:44:07

A catering standard will be introduced in June, the first of its kind, to ensure consumer health, according to the Beijing Health Inspection Institute.

Cooking up pure tastes

2012-10-03 17:36:17

His father wanted him to be a carpenter, but Christian Hoffmann found that he was much happier in the kitchen putting together dishes made from local produce than out in the workshop putting together furniture.

Chef Yannick: Reinventing simple cuisine

2012-09-29 11:07:26

A chef with three Michelin stars like Yannick Alleno will go to almost any length to gain even a small improvement in a recipe.

Caviar indulgence

2012-09-29 10:48:31

Yannick Alleno is back in Beijing with an autumn menu that is simple, yet decadent.