Beauty on a plate

2012-06-06 08:54:10

A model lies on a big plate in performance art at a restaurant in Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu province, June 2, 2012.

Prosciutto rolls with asparagus and arugula

2012-06-05 14:56:59

Recipe for prosciutto rolls with asparagus and arugula.

Asparagus with mustard vinaigrette

2012-06-05 14:38:42

Recipe for asparagus with mustard vinaigrette.

Asparagus with walnuts, parmesan and brown butter

2012-06-05 14:07:39

Recipe for asparagus with walnuts, parmesan and brown butter.

InterContinental Beijing Beichen culinary global final winner

2012-06-04 18:52:17

The winning team was lead by Benson Sun, the Executive Chef of InterContinental Beijing Beichen.

A chef's recipe for culinary and cultural exchange

2012-06-04 14:55:40

Martin Yan, host of the popular cooking show Yan Can Cook, believes Chinese and Western chefs are learning from one another.

Gourmand says traveling is spice of life

2012-06-04 14:51:26

It is the first time Edward G Leonard, corporate executive chef with Le Cordon Bleu North America, came to Jiangyin, Jiangsu province.

Food fight

2012-06-04 14:44:02

An international competition crowns kings of the kitchen, while also drawing record crowds with its carnival-like atmosphere.

Hello Kitty theme restaurant

2012-06-04 14:44:10

China's first Hello Kitty theme restaurant was launched in Beijing.

Stretch your legs for this grand buffet

2012-06-04 13:48:48

In the Waldorf Astoria, Sunday brunch can be quite a journey.

Eat like the Romans when in Hong Kong

2012-06-04 13:07:34

In the shiny new LHT Tower in Central, you'll find the new Lupa restaurant, which brings Roman-style Italian cuisine by New York celebrity chef Mario Batali to Hong Kong.

The vegetarian persuasion

2012-06-04 13:01:49

An American-born chef tells Han Bingbin how she's turning on local Beijingers to a meatless menu.