A life that revolves around tea in Guiyang

2011-09-13 14:14:38

The Ninth National Ethnic Games is being held in Guizhou and is the largest sporting event for the nation's ethnic groups.

Tasty lake crabs get real seal to stop sale of fakes

2011-09-13 11:28:08

Diners hoping to enjoy a traditional Chinese delicacy this fall should look out for a special brand label that guarantees the dish is authentic.

Tasty profit wrapped in moon cakes

2011-09-13 11:12:00

Inflation is the only reason why the highly seasonal business of buying and selling moon cake gift coupons saw such a boom this year.

Duck dish proves a hit in Fujian

2011-09-10 15:47:29

People in East China's Fujian province eat ducks during the Mid-Autumn Festival because it is the time of year when the birds are the tastiest.

A meal fit for a president

2011-09-10 15:44:26

Former White House executive chef Walter Scheib recently visited Beijing, where he shared his experiences of cooking for two US presidents.

Impression of Yunnan

2011-09-09 16:38:34

Mooncake: Impression of Yunnan.crowne plaza

Moon cakes too beautiful to eat

2011-09-09 16:09:09

Take a look at some of the moon cakes by Shangri-La's Kerry Center Hotel that are too beautiful to eat.

A Mid-Autumn reunion in prison

2011-09-09 14:08:17

A Henan prison organized family reunion meetings for the inmates before the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Alert after spate of school food poisonings

2011-09-09 13:19:08

Following a recent series of collective food poisoning cases, particularly at schools, the Ministry of Health has issued a national alert over food safety problems.

City starts Yangcheng Lake hairy crab festival

2011-09-09 09:16:31

Classical gardens have long been attracting visitors to Suzhou. Yet the city is also famous for a different delicate beauty - Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs.

Poisoning hits kindergarten

2011-09-08 15:59:15

A total of 23 preschoolers were hospitalized following what authorities suspect was a food poisoning incident at a kindergarten in Jiangxi province.

Little chefs cook up a storm for Mid-Autumn Fest

2011-09-08 11:29:38

Children prepare moon cakes to celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival in Shangdong province on Sept 7, 2011.