'La Spinetta' Opera Night at Danieli's

2013-03-20 14:52:04

At the bloomy early spring, the St. Regis Beijing invites the Italian opera singer Elia Astorino perform his repertoire at Danieli’s for the guests.

Korean Food Festival in Beijing

2013-03-20 11:10:35

A Korean food festival is currently underway in Beijing and will run through March 30 at Café Noir, located in the first floor of Traders Upper East Hotel.

Foam dinnerware back on the menu

2013-03-19 07:41:29

A 14-year ban on the sale of disposable dinnerware made of plastic foam will be lifted on May 1, despite concerns over the potential environmental risks.

Growing taste for more detail on what we eat

2013-03-18 05:43:55

As well as raising more complaints on food safety, the Chinese are becoming increasingly concerned about what they eat after a series of food safety scandals.

Sinfully delicious, delightfully decadent at Temple

2013-03-17 08:39:45

Imagine being presented a plate with a long, rectangular brick of fudge topped with paper-thin slices of sugar-glazed apple. But as you lift a first fork to your face, your nose tells you that it's not fudge at all. It's richer. Thicker. Earthier. More cloying. More inspiring.

Eat your way across Shanghai on foot

2013-03-16 08:04:46

If there's a 90-year-old Chinese man eating breakfast where you've just been taken for a food tour, it's fair to assume you've hit the jackpot.

Chinese people welcome Longtaitou Festival

2013-03-14 15:28:37

Primary school students in Zaozhuang, East China's Shandong province, bring fried beans from home and compete to see who has the tastiest.

Mixing it up at Zajia Lab

2013-03-12 09:23:08

One night a documentary about atomic-bomb survivors.

Behold, the age of the instant connoisseur

2013-03-11 13:36:06

The Nobu Hand Roll Box is a kit that contains everything needed to make sushi for 10 to 12 people at home.

Shake up on the cards for food and drug safety

2013-03-11 10:59:10

China will upgrade its existing State Food and Drug Administration to improve safety standards for foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals.

A mouth-watering stop in Venice

2013-03-11 10:53:47

Housed in a former bakery, the restaurant is stylish but not overdone: With wood beam ceilings, brick walls and resin floors, the setting is intimate but modern.

China will set pace for wine industry growth

2013-03-11 10:31:56

Chinese adults drink an average 1.4 liters of wine in a year, while the country will continue to see the fastest growth in wine consumption.