Ebola outbreak rages in Uganda, killing 16

2012-08-03 09:42:23

An Ebola outbreak in Uganda is always a nightmare that pushes up the panic levels in the East African country.

Taibai Duck

2012-08-03 09:10:35

Recipe of Taibai Duck.

Giant sandwich made in 'Torta Fair', Mexico City

2012-08-02 18:53:28

Residents prepare a giant sandwich during the "Torta Fair", in Mexico City, capital of Mexico, on Aug. 1, 2012.

Scientists identify gene causing congenital blindness

2012-08-02 11:13:39

An international research team led by Chinese scientists have found a new gene that can cause congenital blindness.

Synthetic drug abuse increases in China: report

2012-08-02 11:12:03

The abuse of synthetic drugs such as methamphetamine has been on the rise in China, according to an annual drug abuse report.

African swine fever reported in Ukraine

2012-08-02 11:01:30

African swine fever, a viral disease harmless to people but lethal to pigs, has been found in Ukraine.

Cultural Tip: Chopsticks

2012-08-02 10:39:40

Foreigners are often surprised at how Chinese can use the stick-like ustensils so skillfully. Many even feel proud of their being able to use them to eat.

In a wrap

2012-07-31 13:55:58

Peking duck's great taste and sophisticated art of cooking have made it not only a Chinese’s favorite, but also popular among foreigners.

Peking Duck timeline

2012-07-31 15:24:18

It's High Tide

2012-07-29 07:15:22

It was like being on holiday and dining by a beach in Thailand until the cows wandered over. Then we knew we were on Lantau Island where feral cattle wander the streets, fields and beaches.

Authentic Cantonese roasts travel north

2012-07-29 07:15:22

Cantonese cuisine is world-renowned. If you are looking for a convenient, comfortable place to have some tasty Cantonese delicacies in Beijing, try Hengshan Cafe.

Buon appetito, with style aplenty

2012-07-29 07:15:22

A new Italian restaurant has recently opened at Three On the Bund, a historic address on the Bund that has been transformed into Shanghai's premier dining and lifestyle enclave.