Tasty leftovers with a life of their own

2011-05-04 08:01:03

Courtyard setting houses a haven of enticing tastes, and if you cannot finish your meal, take it home

This French gem deserves more support

2011-04-27 08:02:47

Marine, the owner of Tonton and Tata, has been watching the never-ending party across the street for more than three months now.

For global gourmets

2011-04-24 08:06:24

Sandeep Sekhri exploits opportunities in Hong Kong by offering an international platter of food and beverage choices.

Easter eats and treats

2011-04-24 08:06:24

It's that time of year again when the Easter bunny comes to town and visits many dining establishments in Hong Kong with chocolate eggs for the little ones and photo opportunities for all.

Eating out or eating in

2011-04-24 08:06:24

Easter is a major festival for Christians worldwide, but it still has to catch on in parts of China. As always, food is an important part of the festivities, and several restaurants in Shanghai are pushing out special deals. If you plan to eat in, there are also plenty of options for a touch of luxury at home.

More on the stellar qualities of Stellekaya blends

2011-04-23 05:38:51

Orion, the flagship red discussed last week, is a Bordeaux blend of merlot, cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc.

European cheddar eyes Chinese market

2011-04-23 05:38:51

Tim Harrap, export manager of Adams Foods Limited, looks at the Chinese market with both reservation and anticipation.

Hot buns and roast lamb

2011-04-23 05:38:51

As the world gets smaller, festive food is no longer restricted to particular cultures or beliefs. Pauline D. Loh remembers some traditional Easter food.

Get your hands on this dough

2011-04-20 07:56:50

European-trained master chef shows how to rise in the world of pastry.

Bake your own pastry treats

2011-04-20 07:56:50

Here is a list of the forthcoming classes at the Fig Tree Pastry School (space is limited, so it is best to book in advance).

Mid-Eastern promise, but long way to go

2011-04-20 07:56:50

Two minutes hadn't passed since our first main dish arrived at Falahfel before owner Falah Ali came to check up on things. Without noticing that we were still to take a bite, he asked: "So how is everything? How is the taste?"

Cheap and cheerful bits and bites around town

2011-04-13 07:56:07

In the first of a series on affordable eats around Beijing's major universities, here is METRO's pick of a cluster of restaurants near the University of International Business and Economics.