Party options

2011-11-28 14:51:24

When the party is all about the turkey, how do you cater for the vegetarians and still keep the meat lovers happy?

Marrying French with Chinese Shanghai

2011-11-27 08:15:53

Matching French wine with food is a high-end hobby for the new Chinese gourmet, and now some French vintners are upping the ante.

New booze blend

2011-11-22 11:22:47

Camus Cuve 2.105, the latest edition of the French cognac series Camus Masterpiece Collection, has been released in China.

Binjiang One offers gourmet German

2011-11-21 14:46:04

The Binjiang One has wowed foodies in town with a reinvention. Its widely loved Ice Bar is still there, but the restaurant is now offering more.

Taste traditional Chinese dishes

2011-11-21 11:26:12

Taste traditional Chinese dishes and special desserts at Marco Polo Parkside in Beijing.

Behind the scenes at banquet

2011-11-21 10:07:42

When Alice Waters went to Austria to organize a food event, she specifically requested that local produce be used.

Crusading reporter discusses 'organic' and seduction of fast food culture

2011-11-21 10:06:55

Journalist Michael Pollan's interest in food grew after a couple of assignments on which he was sent to farms and feed lots.

Tea exports rise but domestic consumption on the decline

2011-11-21 09:41:32

Chinese are gradually losing the tea-drinking habit in favor of coffee, largely because of the length of time it takes to brew a decent cup.

Mashed potato casserole with sour cream and chives

2011-11-16 15:28:36

Recipe of mashed potato casserole with sour cream and chives.

Greek polenta with onions and raisins

2011-11-16 15:28:02

An adapted Greek polanta recipe from "The Glorious Foods of Greece" by Diane Kochilas.

Celebrate Halloween at South Beauty

2011-11-15 16:50:13

Celebrate Halloween at South Beauty, a high-end chain Chinese restaurant that specializes in Szechuan cuisine.

Creamy wild mushroom and parsnip soup

2011-11-13 14:01:59

Recipe for creamy wild mushroom and parsnip soup.