Local beverage may not be everyone's cup of tea

2012-03-27 11:06:31

China's position as leadaing global exporter of tea has been lost. Tang Yue and Zhang Yuchen investigates in Beijing.

Tea: the cup that cheers

2012-03-27 11:00:17

China has around 1,500 varieties of tea. They are divided into seven main categories.

A french connection

2012-03-26 14:08:15

After more than a decade in Macao, Francky Semblat's restaurant can challenge some of the finest dining establishments in Paris, Rebecca Lo discovers in Macao.

Tide rising with water sparkling

2012-03-25 07:46:48

It's been a fixed pattern for long that sparkling water and mineral water are for Western cuisine, while Chinese cuisine goes better with tea. But now producers predict that sparkling water will be a trend among the Chinese consumers soon.

Little lamb, what made thee?

2012-03-24 07:46:11

Don't make friends with your food. But who can resist these lambs when they are so delicious?

Panda fertilizer may help flavor pricey tea

2012-03-20 17:29:06

An Yanshi says he wants to grow tea using panda excrement as fertilizer and then sell the leaves for 219,865 yuan ($34,500) per 500g.

Cuisine lexicon offers tasty food for thought

2012-03-20 13:56:32

Do husband and wife's lung slice and rolling donkey sound appetizing? These are actually translated names of famous (and reassuringly delicious) Chinese dishes.

Spring menus have sprung

2012-03-19 13:53:55

Spring is a time for new beginnings, and plenty of restaurants have introduced new menus full of seasonal materials.

Soups for the season

2012-03-19 12:20:47

It was cold and damp outside, and a warming bowl of thick, fragrant brew chased away the chills and warmed hearts and stomachs.

Luxury in the details

2012-03-15 15:05:53

Eating Cantonese is an indulgence for any well-traveled gourmet, but when it comes to eating Cantonese at Man Ho, it becomes sheer decadence.

Sweet success

2012-03-15 11:14:39

Passing the highway toll station to enter Zhenning county, Guizhou province, we see a billboard advertising bobotang, or "rippling candy".

Chengdu: City of Gastronomy

2012-03-14 15:48:56

People in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan, not only visit the luxurious hotels, but also smaller restaurants scattering on the streets and lanes to enjoy the delicious dishes.