2012-07-27 12:17:04

Sour and spicy lotus root

Get free red wine

2012-07-23 13:24:42

Chinese liquor culture lecture

2012-07-25 15:33:28

Novotel Beijing Peace invites experts to explain Chinese liquor culture history and the Chinese liquor knowledge.

Slideshow: Fried scallops with mushrooms

2012-07-25 13:40:15

Ingredients: Frozen Scallops, scallion, ginger, garlic, hot pepper, mushroom, salt black bean Salt, oil, chicken powder, starch, sesame oil

Banana egg roll ice cream

2012-07-25 10:58:00

Ice creams are the best desserts for hot summer time,just pick up simple materials to get your favorite flavor.

Cucumber and Israeli couscous salad

2012-07-24 16:16:19

Recipe for Cucumber and Israeli couscous salad

Global experts urge continued AIDS funding

2012-07-24 14:03:26

Global experts said the international community should step up the fight against HIV/AIDS and ensure the disease remains a funding priority.

Trial signals milestone in search of new TB drugs

2012-07-24 13:57:30

The first new tuberculosis (TB) combination drug regimen has been proved to kill more than 99 percent of patients' TB bacteria within two weeks.

Akkha Pinda

2012-07-23 18:54:22

Recipe for Akkha Pinda

Indian Food: Akkha Pinda

2012-07-23 18:18:02

Recipe for Akkha Pinda

Quanjude International Food Festival

2012-07-27 14:16:30

Chefs and artists perform on stage as part of the Quanjude International Food Festival held in Beijing on October 10,2009. It was the first food festival organized by Quanjude, a century-old Peking duck restaurant, to promote culinary life in Beijing.

Some abandon dumbbells and turn to electricity

2012-07-23 16:01:22

Experts doubt fat and muscle can be zapped into shape. That's why some are turning to FatGirlShrink.