Pies that rise to the occasion

2011-01-12 15:10:08

A piece of warm crusty pie on a chilly winter's day is ultimate comfort food, and for Hong Kong residents, the options are pretty wide when it comes to a nice slice.

One-of-a kind dining in Hong Kong

2011-01-10 17:41:48

Hong Kong's chefs are a versatile bunch who can move with ease between different culinary traditions, bringing together not only old and new, Chinese and Western, but haute and humble, coffee and tea.

Enjoying Sichuan fare with a bird's-eye view

2010-12-26 09:25:44

Located on the 39th floor of the Hilton Shanghai Hotel, Sichuan Court offers customers traditional Sichuan cuisine, five-star dining service and a unique grand view of Shanghai that no other Sichuan restaurant has.

A spicy hidden gem with lyrics

2010-12-26 09:25:44

Hidden away on a narrow, steep street in a non-descript commercial building in Central is a long-time tenant that serves spicy Sichuan cuisine. Sichuan Da Ping Huo is a private kitchen that is well-known to many in Hong Kong as the restaurant where the meal ends with a song from the chef.

Hot pot goes uptown

2010-12-26 09:25:44

Top restaurants find ways to deliver this winter classic with style, Ye Jun discovers. Hot pot might well be the ideal way to dine out, especially as one wants to warm up from the chilly winds of winter. The best thing about it is the diversity of ingredients - you can put almost everything in the pot and boil, and dip in a sauce of any flavor.

The Chinoise Story

2010-12-21 13:55:21

A special year-end menu featuring indulgent and decadent Chinese delicacies for the fall and winter.

The Tao of Food

2008-04-21 10:17:14


2007-11-08 14:45:26

Guangzhou residents like to "Yum Cha" which literally means "drinking tea," especially morning tea. When they meet in the morning, they usually greet each other with "Have you drunk tea?" Drinking tea has become a habit of Guangzhou residents.

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