Fried frogs and porridge

2012-10-22 11:03:12

Perhaps it is because Seng Cheong is featured in almost every single guide about Macao ever published.

Inventive Japanese

2012-10-22 11:01:56

Japanese food is ubiquitous in Hong Kong, which makes Kokon's inventive offerings uniquely refreshing.

Black stump classics

2012-10-22 10:56:35

Hankering for a taste of Down Under but don't feel like crossing the pond?

Hotpot hot spots

2012-10-22 10:52:04

As the weather chills, diners all over China will be heading to restaurants where the meal will start with a huge bubbling pot of hot soup.

Health, wealth and vegetables

2012-10-21 11:14:09

Religion and ancient customs all play a part when the Chinese opted for a meatless meal in the past. But now, the reasons are often much closer to heart.

New age vegetarians

2012-10-21 11:03:30

A new eating trend is popping up on the doorstep of the Peking duck, and it has nothing to do with meat, but plenty to do with a generation of young, rich, health-conscious consumers.

Autumn choices

2012-10-19 16:20:37

Some home-made dishes in the autumn with detailed recipes.

Coffee break in tradition

2012-10-18 16:34:55

From the proliferating coffee shops in the big cities to the coffee machines slowly infiltrating households, the home of tea is rapidly giving way to java, mocha, latte and the like.

A free indulgence for foodies in Beijing

2012-10-17 09:02:06

Fancy a free feast? Would it be great if you are the one who decides which style of cuisine to try out? Join our gourmet tour in Beijing and you’ll get the chance to take on a free taste-bud journey with our editor in different renowned restaurants in the capital.

Special: Feasts and dreams

2012-10-16 14:45:28

These culinary scenes from the literary classic A Dream of Red Mansions are about to come to life.

Europe's unwanted guest savored in China

2012-10-16 13:54:39

Reports of Chinese mitten crabs invading rivers in Germany and Great Britain are prompting calls for them to be imported into China as a seasonal delicacy.

From rags to riches for China's king of pangxie

2012-10-16 13:49:03

A crab (pangxie in Mandarin) sheds its shell about 30 times during its life from a larva to an adult. Every time it becomes bigger and stronger.