Peacock's last bow launches dance fest

2012-10-26 09:27:07

Dancer and choreographer Yang Liping is bringing her latest production Peacock to the 2012 Dance Festival of the National Center for the Performing Arts.

Capturing the art of life

2012-10-26 09:12:29

The Zhongshan Park Project is an off-site program of the Shanghai Biennale at Edo Museum in Zhongshan Park, Shanghai.

Young blood

2012-10-26 09:07:42

The China Shanghai International Arts Festival has started a program to give local youths' works global exposure. Mu Qian reports.

Other former factory facelifts

2012-10-25 12:52:36

Hailed as "the first factory of China", Jiangnan Shipyard dates back to 1865 when its predecessor.

Wearing new hats for the chance to stay

2012-10-25 12:50:12

Relocation has never been easy, says Liu Luguang, who was once a furnace man at steel maker Shougang Corp's.

Old iron and steel forges new art zone

2012-10-25 10:43:09

One area of Shougang Corp's abandoned factory has reopened as an art zone, welcoming the first visitors to the former steel-manufacturing base.

Translated series unmasks Peking Opera

2012-10-23 09:35:59

Celebrated Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang would probably be overjoyed to see the first volume of the English-translation series of 100 Peking Opera Classics released on Oct 19 in Beijing.

Bamboo power

2012-10-21 11:10:04

While many expatriates are switching off between bicycles and cars, a British engineer and his French wife are looking at an in-between solution: the cart.

Placing Puccini in contemporary China

2012-10-19 09:53:51

The 14th China Shanghai International Arts Festival kicked off with a version of Puccini's La Boheme set in modern times.

Guangzhou's dance, drama revolution

2012-10-19 09:37:25

The Alley of the Three Families showcases Guangzhou's culture and history and recently won the Lotus Award, one of China's top dance honors.

Wacky, wild & wonderful

2012-10-19 09:13:54

Eccentric composer and violinist Tan Dun pays musical homage to his equally unorthodox late mentor John Cage.

Retracing ancestors' footsteps

2012-10-17 10:25:32

Gary Gardner was speechless when he received an old photo as a gift from a resident of Guling. It was a 20-year-old photo showing the 64-year-old chaplain's great aunt, Elizabeth Johnson Gardner, with elderly people in Guling.