Wood artist sees the trees from the forest

2013-03-28 09:41:05

Would an artist prefer to have his creation exhibited in the museum, and admired by thousands, or kept by one person.Star talk series: Stan Lai, dream weaver

Feted abroad, ignored at home

2013-03-27 07:42:35

While Wang Peiyi's designs are attracting plenty of attention in Europe, back home in China not many people have even heard of him.

Designer savors acclaim from European debut

2013-03-27 07:42:35

Though winter isn't usually a fruitful season, the past winter brought a bountiful harvest to Macao-born designer Gideon Tam. He made his debut catwalk show at Copenhagen Fashion Week and then showed his collection at Paris Fashion Week in early February.

Mandarin makes its voice heard in South Africa

2013-03-27 00:53:27

Simple Chinese words can be heard when walking the main streets of Cape Town, arriving at passport control at Johannesburg airport, and while negotiating commodity prices in Durban.

Animated ambitions

2013-03-25 11:02:27

Prompted by his work for the Beijing Olympics, US animator Brian Dowrick sets up a school in Beijing.Old lessons for young students

Brush captures enduring love

2013-03-25 10:35:01

Man's lifelong affection for his wife moves millions on the Web. After his wife died, Rao Pingru started to paint pictures of her.Tuned in, toned up

It's only rock 'n' roll, but she likes it

2013-03-25 09:47:46

In 2006, New York native Maya E. Rudolph went to Beijing and found Chinese rock 'n' roll. In 2012, she returned to make a film about it.Pop goes the pipa

Art and the architect

2013-03-25 09:22:41

Architect Arthur Chan moonlights as an installation artist when he isn't busy designing interiors.

Conservation through conversation

2013-03-22 08:55:11

The high speed of modernization, along with demolitions and environmental damage has resulted in a loss of heritage for China. Outside of official efforts, ordinary citizens are now coming up with new ideas to contribute to heritage conservation.

Tuned in, toned up

2013-03-22 09:53:14

Five new works by international composers that were inspired by a visit to China signify a new approach to cultural exchanges.The signs are good

Pop goes the pipa

2013-03-22 09:23:17

Wu Man is the de facto ambassador of Chinese pipa players, doing all she can to spread the string music.'Old clerks' show the rich how to shop

Raimi gives the origin of the wizard of Oz

2013-03-22 07:27:31

Sam Raimi, director of cult horror comedy The Evil Dead series and Spider-Man trilogy, loves the movie The Wizard of Oz so much that he has directed a film about it.