Savoring find of chariots and horses

2014-07-04 08:44:31

Archaeologist Wang Yongbo, 61, still clearly remembers the day 25 years ago when he and his colleagues discovered a large ancient chariot and horse burial site in Linzi, Shandong province.

Archaeological sites along Silk Road in China

2014-07-03 13:23:57

Last month, UNESCO designated 33 sites along the ancient Silk Road spaning China, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan as new World Heritage Sites. Here are some of the archaeological sites along China's legendary Silk Road.

China spends millions to protect Koguryo site

2014-07-03 09:20:37

China has invested 280 million yuan (about 45.5 million U.S. dollars) to protect the relics of the ancient Koguryo Kingdom since it was inscribed onto the UNESCO World Heritage List ten years ago.

3D rice field paintings in Shenyang

2014-07-02 15:19:25

Rice field paintings covering over 45 hectares of rice are attracting great attention in Shenyang, Liaoning province, on July 2, 2014.

Music library opens in Wenzhou

2014-07-02 13:54:10

Residents listen to music on rotatable sofa chairs in a music library in Ouhai district of Wenzhou city, east China's Zhejiang province, July 1, 2014.

The painting world on a leaf

2014-07-02 10:25:31

Li Yuhan, 40, is a painter who graduated from Capital Normal University. Unlike others, she draws on leaves.

Chinese scroll paining of Yangtze River displayed at UN

2014-07-02 10:02:26

A Chinese scroll painting was exhibited Tuesday at the UN headquarters, representing the overall scene of the Yangtze River.

Manga addresses nuclear meltdown

2014-07-02 09:42:51

Japanese farmers in Fukushima try to convince skeptical visitors that their crops are safe from radiation.

New frontier in tech

2014-07-02 07:13:55

The widely held belief that Chinese technology companies lack innovation may no longer be true, says Brad Stone, a technology journalist in the United States.

Chinese authorities publish a book to expose the United States’ surveillance against China

2014-07-02 09:32:58

The Internet Media Research Center has compiled The United States' Surveillance Record of China and Other Countries across the World under the authorization of the Office of the Central Network Security and Informatization Leading Group and the State Internet Information Office.

The man who also loved China

2014-07-02 07:31:53

British writer Simon Winchester, author of The man who loved China fell under the country's spell 30 years ago, and that passion endures.

Ancient art preserved in Dunhuang

2014-07-01 10:13:49

Many young artists gathered in Dunhuang to learn for mural creation and set up their studios.Dunhuang intangible culture heritage preservationist Lu Xueqin has been exploring the production methods of the Dunhuang painted statues since the 1980's.