Hits and misses

2013-03-04 09:57:06

We all know that Ang Lee stole the thunder at the Oscars as the Best Director. But online, fashion police in China have their own Oscar winners.

Rare wares

2013-03-01 09:58:36

Limited-edition works by some of China's hottest contemporary artists shine at international art shows. Young designers seek boost abroad

Home is where art is ignored

2013-03-01 09:18:47

Chinese contemporary art seems to be entering its springtime. Overseas buyers - both individuals and institutions - have begun to take a keen interest in the genre in recent years, with work being snapped up and shipped abroad.

Gala role returns Zhao to the spotlight

2013-03-01 13:10:30

Zhao Wenzhuo's performance at the Spring Festival TV gala of the 2013 Lunar New Year has brought the kung fu star to the public's attention again.

Tour de force

2013-03-01 07:01:58

Martin Engstroem first visited China in 1997 as part of the production team for the opera Turandot at the Forbidden City.

Application key to Oscar celebration

2013-02-28 14:25:10

Chi Hongyu created a technology company that made film applications for the iPhone, which help filmmaker win Oscar.85th Academy Award winners list

Movies are art not business

2013-02-28 11:03:34

Producer Isabelle Glachant had wanted to see The Artist, the Academy-Award winning French film. Ang Lee the quintessential Chinese scholar artist

Planting seeds for a dance revolution

2013-02-28 09:59:24

Cultural and language differences have been overcome in an innovative dance program initiated by American ballet dancer Jacques d'Amboise.

Laowai ready to get into the act, too

2013-02-27 09:14:17

The feverish ambitions of young Chinese seeking entry to the prosperous film industry also infects foreigners, especially those with Asian roots.

Plants vs Zombies reaps rich dividends for children

2013-02-26 09:45:09

A series of Chinese storybooks adapted from game Plants vs Zombies has taken the children's publishing world by storm. Passed down from child to child

Young designers seek boost abroad

2013-02-25 11:45:35

Chinese students are flocking to US schools to find their own styles. Applications from China to Pratt Institute's fashion program in New York have more than tripled in the past three years.

Mighty needle sets her apart, with style

2013-02-25 10:48:42

Yang Xiaoting, 34, is recognized as a rising star of Han embroidery in Wuhan.