A glass act with a clear message

2014-07-13 07:09:13

The Keep It Glassy exhibition makes glass' artistic value crystal clear.

Touch of brilliance

2014-07-12 07:07:05

China is not short of painters, both real and self-acclaimed. But Wu Qiming has shown his true talent by blazing a trail with innovative use of ink and wash.

Dinosaur skeletons return to Mongolia

2014-07-12 07:07:34

US officials on Thursday turned over to the Mongolian government enough 80 million-year-old dinosaur skeletons to stock a museum.

Football love presented by Brazilian artist

2014-07-12 13:07:40

Photo shows the World Cup themed paintings by Fernando Pacheco, an artist from Brasilia. An art exhibition of Fernando Pacheco is held in Beijing from July 10 to 20.

Passions of three continents infuse art show

2014-07-11 17:24:52

Li Nanfeng (Reagan Lee)'s passionate and wild paintings combine Chinese ink art, African primitive art and New Zealand's indigenous art.

Clothing worn by Cixi's dog on display

2014-07-11 15:31:28

The photo shows a white dog model wearing bright yellow clothes, which belonged to a pet dog of the ancient Chinese Empress Dowager Cixi.

Dog sculptures debut in Hong Kong

2014-07-11 15:07:19

The "World's most impressive dog art exhibition" opened in Hong Kong recently and will be shown in many places around Hong Kong through August 31.

13th Zhejiang Art Exhibition opens in Hangzhou

2014-07-11 11:22:14

The 13th Zhejiang Province Art Exhibition opens today at the Zhejiang Art Museum showcasing 600 pieces of art.

Dressing up the wedding

2014-07-11 11:01:30

Every woman wants her big day to be perfect, down to the tiniest detail. For one young lady, it meant that even the bottles of wine served at her nuptial dinner needed to be dressed accordingly.

Tailor-made specials

2014-07-11 09:42:15

NACO Architectures is helping Shanghai brands like Homes-Up experiment with their retail space designs by combining online and offline activities.

Events to mark 50th anniversary of Sino-French relations

2014-07-10 17:57:11

Dozens of cultural events in music, dance, theater, fine arts and literature will take place across China and France in the second half of the year, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sino-French diplomatic relations.

Culture insider: Chinese flash mobs address social concerns

2014-07-11 07:17:32

Some flash mobs in China are not always about having fun, but rather aimed to voice people's concern over a particular social issue.