German expressionism

2014-08-08 07:00:00

Among the feast of works currently on show at the China Art Museum Shanghai, one collection stands out.

Kid's fruit feast signals autumn

2014-08-07 11:02:45

Children devour watermelon at a youth center in Haozhou of East China's Anhui province on Aug 6, 2014. Eating watermelon honors an age-old folk tradition of embracing Start of Autumn.

Iranian artist creates art on leaves

2014-08-07 10:20:13

Iranian artist Omid Asadi has the unique ability to transform fallen leaves into beautiful works of art.

Si Tuqiao's artworks displayed in Beijing

2014-08-07 07:07:27

A variety of works by famous Chinese oil painter Si Tuqiao are now on display at the CAFA Art Museum in Beijing through Sept 10.

Artist focuses on poor quality artworks

2014-08-07 07:00:00

Shenyang-based artist Yang Fan focuses on poor quality artworks and discusses the truth of values in his solo exhibition Values System.

Abstract ideas

2014-08-06 17:15:23

Lelege Art Space's current exhibition tells six stories about Chinese artists' engagement with abstract art.

Sino-French group art exhibition debuts in Beijing

2014-08-06 14:45:03

An ongoing exhibition at the National Museum in Beijing is showcasing painting and calligraphy works by Chinese and French art masters.

White porcelain from Dehua Kiln comes to Wuhan

2014-08-06 14:02:17

Ceramic whiteware from Dehua Kiln in Fujian province is famous for its light and thin body as well as its smooth glazed color.

Silver with polish

2014-08-06 10:59:03

The family silver is often an indication of class and pedigree in certain Western countries.

George W. Bush writes book about dad

2014-08-06 07:19:25

His paintings made news worldwide, but it turns out that former president George W. Bush has been working on another, highly personal project since leaving the White House: He has quietly completed a biography of his father, former president George H.W. Bush.

Capital causes a stir

2014-08-06 07:19:25

The long-awaited Chinese translation of French economist Thomas Piketty's book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, has triggered a debate among academics.

Writer gets a buzz from life inside the hive

2014-08-06 07:19:25

Three years ago playwright Laline Paull began to notice bees in her garden in Sussex in southeastern England. Her interest was inspired by the death of a beekeeping friend.