Art master Liu Haisu's work on display

2013-07-17 10:47:54

An exhibition showcasing the paintings of famous Chinese artist Liu Haisu opened at the Suzhou Museum in Suzhou, Jiangsu province on July 16, 2013.

Ancient music brought back to life

2013-07-15 14:21:39

On June 8, China's Eighth National Cultural Heritage Day, music many people thought had disappeared centuries ago was played in the Forbidden City.

Cooperating for posterity

2013-07-15 07:26:59

The Palace Museum in Beijing has a host of historical exhibits that take a lifetime to preserve and maintain. To keep these relics safe for posterity, the museum has stepped up efforts with a new partner.

Jiangnan style

2013-07-05 17:54:00

Under the hammer

2013-07-14 08:07:37

I love my dining table. It is a Duncan Phyfe trestle style table circa early 20th century, with four matching cabriole legged chairs. It was in excellent condition when I purchased it in the late-'90s and has followed me from Toronto to Hong Kong.

Museums fight for Nazi-looted art

2013-07-14 08:06:36

Not until 1998, when 44 nations including the United States signed the groundbreaking Washington Principles on Nazi-Confiscated Art, did governments and museums formally embrace the idea that they have a special responsibility to repair the damage caused by the wholesale looting of art owned by Jews during the Third Reich.

Linking birdsong and baby talk

2013-07-14 08:06:11

Babies learn to speak months after they begin to understand language. As they are learning to talk, they babble, repeating the same syllable ("da-da-da") or combining syllables into a string ("da-do-da-do").

Kangxi ceremony performed in Chengde, N China

2013-07-12 14:48:02

Kangxi ceremony is performed in Chengde, North China's Hebei province, July 11, 2013.

Serving time with performance art

2013-07-12 13:31:02

Tehching "Sam" Hsieh moved to New York City from Taiwan in 1974, and within seven years the high school dropout had become one of the most important performance artists in the world.

9th CCG Expo opens in Shanghai

2013-07-12 10:04:19

The 9th China International Comics Games Expo (CCG Expo) kicks off in Shanghai on July 11, 2013.

Masks reveal unknown worlds

2013-07-12 02:07:52

Five years after it signed a memorandum of cooperation with the National Museum of China, the Paris-based Musee du Quai Branly is finally coming to Beijing with an exhibition of 100 masks expressing the dramatic link between people and the unknown world.

Abstract but attractive

2013-07-10 15:55:20

The concept of infinity has been a long-standing theme in Han’s work, and her artwork, though abstract, has the ability to stimulate viewer’s imagination, helping them to reflect upon the world they inhabit.