China's coolest World Heritage sites

2014-06-26 09:00:24

China's heritage sites are either natural or historical treasures or both, and one can never grasp their true beauty unless you pack your bag and see them with your own eyes.

Opening the book of you

2014-06-26 11:20:58

A new chapter begins at Me Library, a bookstore where people can share personal stories with others.

Sorcerer's dance performed at Drigong Ti Temple of Lhasa

2014-06-26 09:35:31

Lamas perform sorcerer's dance at the Drigong Ti Temple in Maizhokunggar county of Lhasa, Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region, June 25, 2014.

Sketching a disappearing city

2014-06-26 09:19:07

His family has lived in Shanghai for generations, but as the city changes,
Hong Xiao freezes time with his sketches of old Shanghai.

1st biennial int'l art expo debuts in Xinjiang

2014-06-26 07:05:00

The first biennial international art expo is now open to the public and will run through July 20.

Photo project advocates reading females

2014-06-25 15:37:34

12 female students from China's Peking University shot a series of photos depicting themselves reading while imitating scenes from famous western paintings.

Chinese women crave Tanbi lit

2014-06-25 07:03:55

Tanbi is a form of Japanese literature depicting love between men that its hardcore following of young, heterosexual women can't get enough of.

Photos: China's Grand Canal

2014-06-25 07:00:02

China's Grand Canal, the longest artificial waterway in the world, was inscribed on the World Heritage list on June 22, 2014.

Preview of a Jeff Koons retrospective

2014-06-25 10:03:26

Visitors look at art pieces during a press preview before the opening of a Jeff Koons retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York June 24, 2014.

Flynn's Mitch Rapp series to continue

2014-06-25 07:03:55

Best-selling author Vince Flynn died just over a year ago, but his terrorist-fighting protagonist Mitch Rapp will live on in new books written by someone else, Flynn's publisher says.

Less is more for de-clutter movement

2014-06-25 07:03:55

Chen Ying was unhappy.

Preserving the ancient traditions

2014-06-25 07:09:56

When Li Jianshen founded Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute in 1998, the building in which it is housed was just an old house Li bought from some local farmers in the suburbs of Jingdezhen.