'Porcelain pilgrims' set up shop

2014-06-25 07:09:56

City's long history of fine ceramics lures followers from across the world, report Peng Yining and Hu Kaiyong in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi province.

Music festival to be held in Xiamen

2014-06-24 10:17:02

The Strawberry Music Festival, one of China's most popular outdoor music festivals, will make its first stop in Xiamen, Fujian province, on July 5.

Festivals ready to explode

2014-06-24 07:08:57

In the eyes of Zhang Fan, Shen Lihui and Song Ke, the three men behind China's major outdoor music festivals, the nation is finally getting a range of opportunities to enjoy live music.

Sounds of the grasslands

2014-06-24 07:49:26

A music producer from Inner Mongolia has gathered some of the best musicians from the remote region to play their music to audiences across the globe.

Exhibition shows changing face of Japan

2014-06-24 10:16:02

The photographic exhibition Gazing at the Contemporary World: Japanese Photography from the 1970s to the Present is an overview of the diverse photographic expression that has emerged in Japan since the 1970s.

The siren song of memories

2014-06-24 07:00:00

Li Baiming's solo exhibition Hometown displays 20 of his latest ink-and-water paintings.

China's recovered relics that made headlines

2014-06-25 17:10:37

China, with a history spanning thousands of years, has an abundance of cultural heritage relics. As a result, it also has a large number of lost relics.

Photos: Ancient silk road in China

2014-06-24 15:48:28

The famous ancient Silk Road, which served as a corridor for trade and cultural exchanges between Asia and Europe dating back to 2,000 years ago, was inscribed on the World Heritage list at Doha, capital of Qatar on June 22, 2014.

Graffiti art arises out of the shadows

2014-06-24 07:08:57

Graffiti art was once an underground pursuit, practiced by artists in dark corners of the city, but as Chen Nan reports, the renegade artists are increasingly finding their work more accepted by the mainstream.

Painting World Cup stars with football

2014-06-24 10:50:04

Red Hong Yi works on a painting in Shanghai, June 20, 2014. Three World Cup stars were painted - with a football.

Beijing to preserve landscape along waterway

2014-06-24 10:00:08

As the northern starting point of the Grand Canal, Beijing is to put forward multiple policies to better preserve this flowing history, which was listed on Sunday as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Cities along canal eye new preservation

2014-06-24 10:10:08

Relics-protection authorities along the Grand Canal see the listing of the world's longest artificial waterway as a World Cultural Heritage site as a new starting point for its preservation.