Festival attracts dancers globally

2013-04-23 10:49:17

The third China Xinjiang International Dance Festival will be held from July 20 to Aug 5 in Urumqi, Korla and Shihezi, in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

Ancient map on list

2013-04-23 10:54:00

The National Library of China has included the map of Fangmatan, an archaeological site in Gansu province that dates back to the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC – AD 24), on the list of ancient and precious books.

Death ends 'great love' for Shanghai 

2013-04-23 08:08:42

Shanghai writer Cheng Naishan, 67, died of leukemia early on the morning of April 22.

Ear to the ground

2013-04-19 10:11:55

Revolutions Per Minute, a new exhibition at Colgate University in central New York State, showcases 35 installations of sound art.Music that shines

Silk Road experience inspires dance like the wind

2013-04-19 09:54:06

Nai-Ni Chen went to China's Silk Road and got caught in a whirlwind. The mosaic of cultures and nature inspired her to choreograph a dance embodying its spirit.

Ancient art given new life

2013-04-19 09:31:46

The cliff paintings of the Yinshan Mountains represent thousands of years of history, and now an antique collector turned gallery owner is on a mission to honor their artistic legacy.

Cultural exchange inspires 'creative trance'

2013-04-18 10:45:22

Cultural exchanges between Chinese and African artists have borne creative fruit.

Paintings permanent display in UN

2013-04-18 09:45:53

A Chinese artist presented on Monday to the United Nations two of his paintings for permanent display at the headquarters of the world organization.More on art

Arts festival brings the world to Beijing

2013-04-18 09:42:44

There are not many chances to hear Jose Carreras sing in Chinese, but Beijing audiences are about to get a rare opportunity.Star talk series: Johnnie To

East meets West on drafting table

2013-04-15 15:10:46

Western architectural firms in China are finding steady work and more leeway for creative design. Dior's 30-minute encore Colorful creations

Zaire legacy

2013-04-15 10:00:17

A rare exhibition is taking place in Shanghai Museum - wood sculptures from along the Congo River.Wuxia on the Web goes West as genre spreads

Star power explains Greek tragedy

2013-04-15 09:38:12

A production of Oedipus the King in which Oedipus and Jocasta speak Mandarin may help Chinese audiences understand the ancient Greek drama.More on art