Photo Beijing 2013 kicks off

2013-10-25 14:47:07

Visitors view photos at a special exhibition of the Photo Beijing 2013 at the China Millennium Monument in Beijing, capital of China, Oct 24, 2013.

Putting art and public in frame

2013-10-25 07:27:47

An art museum preserves man's splendid cultural heritage, but the collection would be meaningless if the artworks were simply locked up in glass cases.

Sanchizhai clay sculptures in N China

2013-10-25 09:37:36

Apprentices of the clay sculptor Song Changfeng makes sculptures at Song's studio in Botou, North China's Hebei province, Oct 24, 2013.

Bridging cultures with art

2013-10-24 13:23:22

Have you ever imagined what the two sages Lao Tzu and Plato would talk about if they ever met one another? The Chinese-American artist Xu Jianguo has tried to find the answer through his painting.

The art of tea

2013-10-24 09:48:12

169 people participated in the 2nd National Professional Tea Savoring Skill competition in Wuyi, Zhejiang province on October 22, 2013.

Author presents the world like a child's play

2013-10-22 07:25:23

What can children teach the world? Christie Hsiao's latest book, Journey to Rainbow Island, is giving the question a go.

Chinese porcelain auction hits record high

2013-10-21 11:03:31

The auction held in China's porcelain capital of Jingdezhen city, Jiangxi province saw a record high of transaction value on Sunday, auction company said.

Kunqu Opera 'Peony Pavilion' staged in Jinan

2013-10-21 09:50:05

Actors perform traditional Kunqu Opera "Peony Pavilion" during the 10th China Art Festival in Jinan, capital of East China's Shandong province, Oct 18, 2013.

Painting exhibit like a dream

2013-10-18 14:06:43

A full-time painter at Beijing Fine Art Academy, Shao Fei, embraces a super-realistic style in her oil paintings.

A mini-boom in the Middle Kingdom

2013-10-18 08:09:40

The National Center for the Performing Arts opened its celebration with a concert, conducted by Lorin Maazel, of The Ring Without Words, an 80-minute scale model that took the place of a full Ring.

Taiji wows with variety

2013-10-18 08:09:40

Taiji kicked off its global tour on Oct 11 and, judging by the audience response, what happened at Beijing's Poly Theater may well be repeated around the world.

Keepers of the flame

2013-10-17 07:13:43

Ethnic medicine is fast disappearing in China. Li Yang visits Nadui village in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, to find out more about medical tradition.