Hit Chinese sci-fi novel to be published in English

2014-05-27 15:36:16

The English version of a best-seller by China's most popular science fiction writer is expected to hit shelves in the United States in October, China Educational Publications Import and Export Corporation Ltd. (CEPIT) announced Monday.

New audiobook recasts Hamlet as a thriller

2014-05-27 08:56:43

The hero of a new audiobook is introduced as he lies in bed, trying to sleep on a frigid day in 1601.

Tibet bolsters protection of cultural heritage

2014-05-27 08:02:26

The Tibet autonomous region will implement a new regulation next month in a bid to strengthen the protection of indigenous cultures.

China-Norway ceramics in Suzhou

2014-05-27 07:07:26

The art exhibition "Beyond G(l)aze" opened on May 24 at Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum, Jiangsu province, with participating artists from China and Norway.

Winners of 8th Award of Art China announced

2014-05-26 14:10:35

The awards ceremony for the eighth Award of Art China (AAC) was held in the Palace Museum on May 23 with winners in 13 categories announced.

Photos weave together the fabric of imagination

2014-05-26 08:15:12

Photographer and filmmaker Gao Tunzi will present a visual exhibition portraying rural ethnic Qiang, and especially their embroidery, as a "gift" for Shanghai youth for International Children's Day.

The art of urbanity

2014-05-26 08:15:12

By all accounts, the second edition of Art Basel Hong Kong was a resounding triumph. It has been five years since Art Basel acquired a 60 percent stake in the Art Hong Kong fair and made it the third on its worldwide calendar of contemporary art events.

Nobel winners aim to inspire Chinese youth

2014-05-26 14:15:47

Top Chinese scientists, who have traditionally focused on research and teaching at universities, are being encouraged by Nobel Prize winners and other top scientists from around the world to inspire young people and increase their interest in science.

Preview of Christie's Hong Kong 2014 spring season

2014-05-24 11:47:03

Photo taken on May 23, 2014 shows a chinaware from Yongle period(1403-1424) of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), estimated to fetch between 30 million to 50 million Hong Kong dollars, during the preview of Christie's Hong Kong 2014 spring season in Hong Kong, south China.

Architectural sculptures preserved in Henan

2014-05-24 11:15:10

A large number of architectural sculptures have been preserved in historical sites of Henan, which is one of the cradles of the Chinese civilization.

Van Gogh, Monet among 62 works going to US gallery

2014-05-24 09:40:47

Rarely seen paintings by Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet and Edgar Degas are among an impressive collection of 62 artworks that have been transferred to the National Gallery of Art after being held for decades in a private estate, the museum said on May 22.

Celebrating heritage

2014-05-24 08:30:00

A biennial photography exhibition celebrates the diversity of China's cultural heritage with some 150 images on display.