Database puts cultural relics in rightful place

2011-06-21 07:59:24

After 10 years of hard work the country has built a sophisticated survey and database management system of cultural relics.

Women rule the roost in Tang society

2011-06-21 07:59:24

Every week we look at a work of art or a cultural relic that puts the spotlight on China's heritage.

Soul searching

2011-06-19 07:48:57

An HK artist reflects the practical strength that Hong Kong inspires in his oils. Pauline D Loh finds out more.

After shock

2011-06-19 07:48:18

Photographer David LaChapelle's often garish satire has evolved into fine art, and he's finding plenty of inspiration in Asia, Andrew Sun discovers.

Printing in three dimensions

2011-06-19 07:46:28

"There's nothing like working with plastic!" said Marius Watz, a Norwegian-born artist.

City Guide

2011-06-19 07:48:38

James Gaffigan, who takes up the role of chief conductor of the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra in the 2011/12 season, will lead the orchestra to stage a concert in Beijing.

Art and glass from the past

2011-06-19 07:48:38

The deserted glass factory in the Northern Shanghai Baoshan district has stayed empty since the mid-1990s, awaiting its transformation.

Famcy Hats

2011-06-19 07:48:07

Race week at Britain's Royal Enclosure celebrates three centuries of hoofs and headwear.

Sao Paulo designers show off Brazil's colors

2011-06-19 07:48:07

Last week's 31st edition of Sao Paulo Fashion Week showcased Brazil's top designers and their upcoming spring/summer collections.

Clothes are made to multitask for a busier, pricier world

2011-06-19 07:46:28

Now there are toning shoes, gut-reducing underwear, parka drawstrings that double as earphones, and leggings laced with caffeine, supposedly to help slim your thighs.

Time tells

2011-06-17 07:37:40

The writer Xiao Hong is receiving due recognition nearly 70 years after her tragic death.

What's new

2011-06-17 07:37:40

Jin Shangyi, a 77-year-old veteran oil painter and educator, is holding his solo show Compliments.