Likeng, village as cultural heritage

2013-04-11 14:13:03

Likeng village, located in the Tuochuan township of Wuyuan county, in Jiangxi province, was once known as Liyuan during a time when China was much younger.

Publisher savoring return to China

2013-04-09 05:48:46

Niels Thomas finds the capital no strange place while working in the Zhongguancun area of Beijing, where universities and the Chinese Academy of Sciences are located.

Art for the ages

2013-04-09 09:55:13

An 18-year-old opera performer represents both the past and future of traditional Chinese opera.Warriors to the Golden Gate  Stitches in time

A crusader for modern Chinese art

2013-04-09 09:38:29

Karen Smith goes to hundreds of exhibitions in China every year, but she has developed one rule: Never go on opening day.A steamy sampling of Chinese art

Getting kids hooked on mystery

2013-04-07 11:19:26

Testing the limits of his readers' courage with fantastical tales of mystery, mummies and vampires, Thomas Brezina's books grab the attention of his young audience.

Musicians should not buy the rarest violins

2013-04-07 07:45:00

The din inside the Metropolitan Pavilion in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York recently was that of any trade fair, except for the snippets of classical violin music that wove in and out of the roar of voices.

An art world based on social practice

2013-04-07 07:43:26

Known primarily as social practice, its practitioners freely blur the lines among object making, performance, political activism, community organizing, environmentalism and investigative journalism, creating a deeply participatory art that often flourishes outside the gallery and museum system.

Fusion Afoot

2013-04-07 09:25:50

Artists make modern dance a multimedia show with young performers.Phoenix reborn Living master of thangka Snuff and stuff

Beijing gets new colors

2013-04-05 07:44:23

They are young, energetic and creative, and even a bit wild. Sharing the same passion, the group of Beijing-based graffiti artists created a team known as ABS, which stands for active, brilliant and significant.

Hard act to follow

2013-04-04 01:19:00

A huge name in Chinese entertainment, dancer Yang Liping is now hoping for a second career as a businesswoman.

Mo Yan says award led to mood swings

2013-04-03 07:14:08

Sharing a stage with J.M. Coetzee, the 2003 Nobel laureate in literature, Mo Yan revealed publicly on Tuesday his mood change after winning his own such prize.

Protection for unique culture and heritage

2013-04-02 09:00:55

Notable achievements have been made in recent years to protect ethnic culture - traditions, customs and artworks - in Lhasa, capital of the Tibet autonomous region.