Angels and demons in Song figure painting

2011-06-07 08:12:05

Every week we look at a work of art or a cultural relic that puts the spotlight on China's heritage.

A surrealistic experience for visitors

2011-06-06 07:46:04

An exhibition of 3D photographs that promises to be memorable.

Origins of Dragon Boat Festival a tragic tale

2011-06-05 08:07:10

There are many different versions about the origins of the Dragon Boat Festival held each year on the fifth day of the fifth Chinese lunar month.

The real politics of realpolitik

2011-06-03 08:13:52

Henry Kissinger's new book, On China, purports to tell all. But does it? Kelly Chung Dawson.

What’s On

2011-06-03 08:13:52

Ink master Guo Yizong, 70, is holding his retrospective show of 130 flower-and-bird paintings completed during his 50-year career.

In step with innovation

2011-06-03 08:13:52

A young dancer realizes his creative dreams.

Vocalist who raised her voice and rose above life

2011-06-03 08:13:52

A new book about legendary French singer Edith Piaf reveals much about her life before stardom.

What's new

2011-05-31 07:40:39

Capital fans squawk for Kwok's performance.

Staging a search

2011-05-31 07:40:39

The country's original musicals and movies will make money only when a strong network of theaters and cinemas for their distribution is in place.

The art of soft power

2011-05-31 07:40:39

Plans for a new performance center in Tianjin fit the country's goal of expanding its cultural influence.

Strings theory

2011-05-28 07:15:26

Despite her excitement about the instrument, she appeared stoic when she took the stage at a recent performance with Spain's Gran Teatre Del Liceu Chamber Orchestra.

A music festival filled with Love and Hope

2011-05-28 07:15:26

For Zhang Youdai, the nation's most famous DJ, one of the joys of attending an outdoor music festival is discovering something new.